You can’t just set up roll up banners anywhere you want. When you are using public spaces, you need to ask permission from the government. There are rules that have to be followed. You can be fined if you don’t follow these regulations. If you decide to put it up in a private space, you will only be allowed if you pay. Either way, it could cost your business a lot.

In order to solve this problem, the best thing to do is to look for ways to be permitted to use pop up banners without spending a lot of money.

Look for school fairs

There are schools that invite businesses once or twice a year to advertise in their school. As long as the products sold are related to what kids (or their parents) might want to buy, then they are fine with it. Aside from the chance of setting up a booth where you can use pull up banners, you can even sell your products during the fair. If there are 20 schools and universities in your area, and each of them holds a fair at least twice a year, you get the chance to advertise 40 times for free.

Banner with sponsors

Be a sponsor

Another way to be allowed to set up a pull up banner is to be a sponsor for big events. It could be a concert, an information dissemination drive or even a political rally. You will be given a space in the venue to set up your booth and display your pop up banner. People can come and ask questions at your booth. In return, you might give out some of your products for free. You can negotiate it with the organizer so that you won’t have to give out a lot. Even if you do, these are sample products that you can give away anyway. If people decide to buy more, then you should have more products with you which are available for sale.

Partner with the local government

There are instances when the government does outreach programmes where they go to places and visit people in different areas. There are even times when they go to locations that are a bit remote. These are areas where people probably don’t know much about your business. If you are given the chance to put up your roll up banner during the event, then it will surely boost your business. You will be opening it up to a whole new group of people. As long as your business is somehow related to what the government is promoting, then you can expect them to accept you as their partner.

When you get the chance to set up popup stands for free, you should definitely grab the chance right away.


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