With online investing and trading really taking off, pretty much anyone and everyone can play the role of an investor or trader. Regardless of whether you’re investing in equities for long term gains, or trading and looking to make short term profits – there are a few skills that you absolutely must develop in order to be successful.

  • Researching data and market conditions

Much of the work of trading actually takes place long before the trade itself is carried out – by digging up relevant information regarding the investment or trade as well as the market conditions surrounding it. For a savvy trader, such information is a goldmine of potential profit that they need to know about in order to react accordingly and make the right decisions.

  • Analyzing patterns and indicators

While much of the mathematics involved in calculating indicators can be automated, there is still a huge amount of analysis required in both investing and trading. The nature of that analysis will vary – but essentially consists of going over the data and information that is available, recognizing patterns or trends, and predicting any price movements that you can take advantage of.

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  • Reacting quickly and unemotionally

Often you will have to react quickly to changes that take place in market conditions that could affect your trades. More importantly, your reaction will have to be based on analyzing the available data, and not on what you ‘feel’ is going to happen. All too often traders end up running into trouble because they react poorly based on their emotions what they hope is going to happen, rather than what the actual trend indicates.

  • Learning from mistakes

At some point or other you are going to make a mistake – and may even potentially lose a decent chunk of your capital. That is normal, and every trader and investor has more than their fair share of such stories. The only thing that really separates long term success from failure however is the ability to learn from those mistakes and make sure that they aren’t repeated.

  • Focusing on a specific area

Professional traders tend to focus on specific types of trades or investments, for example, investing in equities or trading on forex. By focusing on a specific market and type of trade you can concentrate and stay on top of all the information that is out there related to it. On the other hand, if you were to try to stay up to date on all the information regarding finance, investing and trading – you’d very quickly find yourself swamped and unable to keep up.

  • Keeping comprehensive records

From the time you start to trade or invest, it is important you keep comprehensive records of your finances as well as each and every trade or investment you make. Having such records will not only allow you to track your performance, but could also help you to analyze and compare different strategies to determine which one is working better.

Assuming you’re able to start to develop some of these skills, you should be off to a good start. Learning the intricacies of investing and trading can take time – but if you’re willing to make the effort and be proactive about it, there is a lot of potential profit that can be made.

Of course in order to actually start trading or investing you’ll need to find a platform – preferably one that offers you options to trade on different markets such as ETX Capital. That way you’ll be able to select what type of trading or investing you feel suits you best and then focus on it accordingly.


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