It can be a nightmare having to contact several people across the globe just to get a single project done and over with. However, that does not have to be the case at all. Working with team members and partners has become easier than ever with the use of the internet. Video conferencing has become a tool vital to a company’s productivity no matter what field or industry is involved.

Efficiency Boost

Technology has given us advances that replace or combine so many older pieces of technology. Nowadays, e-mail, fax, even phone calls, can be considered a waste of money, paper, and other resources. Online meetings can give you most if not all of the benefits of the aforementioned technologies, and even go beyond them. Communicating in real time and face to face eliminates delays and boosts efficiency.

Video conferencing room

Inclusive Communication

We are all aware of how important non-verbal cues are when it comes to communication. This is because you lose a lot of what you mean to say when you talk through email, or even through the phone. Teach-ICT reminds us that with the help of video calls, you get to see people as well as hear them. While differences in connections and speed may cause delays in videos, you still get a lot more feedback compared to text or voice calls. You can catch the moment someone gets an idea based on their expression. You can also better undestand them based on their gestures. You might even notice if anyone begins losing focus, and call their attention again so that you can continue your meeting.

Rain or Shine Reliability

Natural disasters have been known to affect business continuity. Storms consistently ground flights and cause delays in various other forms of travel. Road accidents can lead to vital deals not being made. Natural disasters can even cause businesses to close down. Based on previous years, a large number of businesses affected by major incidents either close within a year and a half, or never reopen at all. However, with meetings taking place in a digital space, work can continue in almost any climate. Colleagues and partners can meet on a daily basis, meaning contracts, collaborative projects, and new initiatives can continue, all without your most important people having to go through hurricanes and such. After all, forces of nature should not keep connections from being made.

Competitive Advantage

Communicating with visuals helps increase the impact of ideas, no matter what they are about. Thus, collaborating becomes a breeze when everyone involved can see the same things at the same time. Technology has definitely given small and mid-sized companies a lot of leverage. Being able to share files, visuals, and ideas with clients and partners can be an important advantage over your competitors.

In the industry of Information Technology, for example, giving demonstrations and interacting in real time via screen sharing helps increase employee efficiency. If you are interested in setting up video conference for IT, consider using services from a company like Blue Jeans. It will not be difficult to connect with colleagues or partners easily and at a moment’s notice.

Less Time and Money Wasted on Logistics

In a time where various industries expect their employees to be available 24/7, having to travel can be a huge waste of time and effort. Fortunately, given the current technology available, you can now easily speak to your colleagues without having to be at the same physical location. Online meetings minimize the need for business travel, or even the daily commute. You can now have meetings with coworkers in remote locations, and still be home in time for dinner.

Aside from giving workers their time back, companies can now also save money that would otherwise be spent on airfare, car rentals, and similar expenses. With conversations happening in an online environment, your employees—and even your company as a whole—can now spend less on transporting people simply to attend meetings. Find a system that can easily be set up and used, and gather your collaborators in a quick and easy way.

Streamlined Conversation

People spend so much time going through their email inbox every morning, and while meetings may have plenty of details, not every message needs three and a half paragraphs. as pointed out by Mashable. Conferences can bring about better efficiency by allowing everyone to focus on relevant messages and information instead of having them stress about their cluttered inboxes. You can simultaneously keep all of your files and notes, as well as share them with your collaborators, all while keeping only relevant pieces at hand and everything else set aside.

Do not let your company lag behind the competition. Take advantage of what the world now has to offer. Have these services set up and watch your progress grow.


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