Few people ever get a job and are content to stay right where they were the day they first got hired. Most workers want to grow as far as they are able within the company but unfortunately, very few people have what it takes to climb the corporate ladder all the way to the top. You may be wondering why such a general statement but the answer is simple, really. Those who reach a certain level within their career have done so because they’ve reached the level at which they cannot be any more productive than they already are.

Productivity Can Be Learned!

While some people are just naturally more organized and productive than others, some workers simply haven’t gotten the hang of prioritizing and getting things done in a logical and productive manner. This needn’t hold you back because, believe it or not, productivity can be learned. In fact, there is even a series of courses that help you master the art of productivity within your very own industry. The Lean Six Sigma certification was specifically developed to help you reduce wasted effort and as a result, be much more productive with verifiable results.

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Productivity Saves Your Employer Money

If you’ve never taken the time to think about it, one of the reasons why you should focus on increasing your productivity on the job is because you will be reducing waste. Productive people get things done in a timely manner and little time is wasted in the process. Time is money and your employer is paying you for yours. This means that the more time you waste, the more you are costing your employer. In fact, it is said that the average worker costs his or her boss an equivalent to 6.5 weeks of salary. That is a pretty sizeable loss, isn’t it? Reducing waste costs your boss less and as a result, you just might get a raise in return for your diligent efforts.

Productivity Is Profitability

Then on the other end of the spectrum, productivity is profitability. The more productive you are, the more high quality work you put out. The more work you complete, the more money your boss realizes at the end. If you are looking to advance up the corporate ladder you first need to get noticed by your boss. If you’ve reached a certain level of productivity where the profits are big enough to be easily noticed by your boss, you can bet your bottom dollar good things are coming your way. Contrary to what you might believe, bosses love to reward productive employees!

Looking to advance in your career? The key to advancing in any job whatsoever is to demonstrate just how productive you are. Avoid waste at all costs and give 100% of your attention to the job at hand. Productivity is always rewarded and wouldn’t you like to be rewarded with a nice big promotion and a fat raise in salary? That’s the benefit of productivity and certainly worth working for.


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