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Oracle Continues to Face Stiff Competition


Charles Phillips was long known for his battle at Oracle, fighting executives to determine who would be boss. Eventually, in 2010, he resigned. But he is now making a huge comeback and some even say that Oracle is worried.

Charles is now at the helm of Infor, an enterprise software company. They create Infor Ming.le, which is a social business graph. He spent a considerable amount of time on the design of the program, creating something that is easy on the eye and user friendly, and offers everything needed in the world of business, including activity feeds, alerts, tasks, sales results, workflow, and more. He even managed to make it mobile friendly, meaning that the cloud based program can be used on the go. The software is designed specifically for today’s users, who are all social media experts. The interface looks like a social media account, presenting an open and elegant feature.

The Oracle Debacle

At Oracle, meanwhile, Larry Ellison, the CEO, seems to be worried about this new adversary. Phillips left when Mark Hurd gave up his position as CEO of Hewlett-Packard and was assigned co-president position at Oracle. Although Ellison has always proclaimed that people should work together, even he would not have expected that three Oracle execs jumped ship to Infor.

Oracle is known for its relational databases. However, when under Phillips’ leadership, they spearheaded no less than 70 acquisitions as well, taking over cloud based app providers and even Sun Microsystems. This made the company grow exponentially, and it seems that this is a tactic Phillips has down perfectly, as Infor is now also starting to take on numerous acquisitions.


What Infor seems to want to do is target grass root businesses. They want to leave the huge accounts to Oracle and SAP, while taking on smaller ones themselves. In fact, their aim to add a new industry to their database every one and a half years.

Oracle’s business is still strong, but it is starting to face competition from a lot of smaller companies, including Infor. And it seems that Infor really is a big threat, particularly since it has such strong management at its help, including specialists from Oracle. And it seems that Phillips really understands what is needed to avoid a fragmented workplace.

Infor has created a space in which people really want to work. The space in which they are located, an old World War II naval post office, has been transformed into something modern and unique. Conference rooms are name after Count Basie, Dexter Gordon, and Duke Ellignton, to foster a culture of innovation. Guests are greeted by having their name on a huge electronic screens. The floor is fitted with lily-shaped plush red chairs.

Phillips has the eye for business and leadership that is required, but he is also a great humanitarian and this is perhaps what makes him so inspiration. Charles Phillips and his wife also founded Phillips Charitable Organizations, through which they do philanthropic work. This is something that sets them head and shoulders above Oracle.


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