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Data Recovery: Now A Necessity


Data Recovery Basics

In today’s world computers store most of our important information, with hard copies rarely made of the content. This means the destruction of our technology due to malfunctions, natural disasters, or any other fluke can have a detrimental impact on our lives. To prepare for these unfortunate events it is important for you to have a data recovery plan in place to protect your important information. One of the most common tactics is taking advantage of the data recovery programs that are usually in desktops and laptops. This can solve simple crashes with computers and help the average consumer retain any data that was lost at the moment. On top of this, there are companies that specialize in data recovery that can assist you in regaining data that you didn’t backup. Another good strategy is to have an external hard drive that you back up your information on so if your computer is completely destroyed there is another storage device that is intact with your information. The other good external option is tape drives, which automatically copy important information and store it according to a periodic timer. This way you don’t have to manually back up an external hard drive all the time, the tape drive will just do it for you.

Data recovery

The Business Side

The tape drive option is great for the average consumer and is also used by companies to store their information. Businesses, of course, have more than just this one strategy in play for a disaster. They have an entire outline for each individual sector in their company on how they will recover any lost data and get the company back online. For example, if a business’s servers went out for their website because of a fire they would then activate their backup servers (that were stored at another location) for the moment and then have their IT department replace the burnt ones. After this, they would then activate the new ones and be back online.

Recovery Time

It is very important for business and consumers to understand how long data recovery takes so they can plan ahead. This way you won’t have missing information for an unacceptable amount of time. For external hard drives it usually takes a couple of hours (depending on the amount of data) and tape drives/data recovery companies a couple days. So plan accordingly and save your valuable information and time.

About Evolution Business data recovery

Founded by Adrian Jean over 10 years ago Evolution Business Data Recovery in Bath have been providing a one stop shop for those looking to recover data whether it be for commercial or domestic use. Whether it’s a business contract or a one off need for data recovery the company comes with a wide range of state of the art hardware which can recover data from tape drives, hard drives, server raid arrays as well as modern smartphones, tablets and computers.


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