When you’re trying to run a business, you need to ensure that you have a large volume of materials, tools and equipment at your disposal… especially if you’re in the trade. Not only do you have to have the right equipment though; you also have to get it at the right price. If you overpay for tools, equipment and materials, you’ll have to reflect it in your pricing, and may even price yourself out of a number of jobs. To ensure your business can stay ahead of the game, we’ve put together the best ways that you can source materials for your business.


If your business is large enough, with a high turnover and multiple jobs on the go, then a wholesaler is the perfect place to visit. Economically, it makes sense: the more of it you buy in one go, the cheaper the product becomes.

However, this is only a good idea if you have a high level of turnover. If you don’t use the timber and other materials that you buy quickly, then you’ll probably have to pay to store them. This could be a nightmare, eroding all of your previous savings and leaving you with excess stock.

Storage boxes

Internet Retailers

The rise of the internet means that it’s easier to find tools and parts for your business than ever before. Although timbers and basic building materials have always been widely available, it’s not always been simple to locate machinery.

However, the rise of internet retailers means that help is now at hand. For example, sheet metal rollers, are now readily available online through sites like Clarence Jones Machinery. This can save you countless hours shopping around trying to locate items that are unavailable. The days of calling round various businesses are over. It can all be done online in a heartbeat.

Trade Shops

Of course, when you buy online, you have to wait for delivery. So, if you need an item immediately, then you’re best off heading to a trade shop.

These are widely available on business parks up and down the country, and you can buy in bulk, without worrying about VAT. Because they’re widely available, you can simply nip in while you’re on the job, meaning that there’s no need to leave a job unfinished. Whether you need materials, tools or equipment, it’s all readily available.

There we have it, three great ways you can source materials for your business.



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