Being a successful CEO is so much more complicated than it was in the past. That is mainly because of competition as it is huge in practically all niches. According to Charles Phillips, the successful modern CEO is the one that does all that he/she can in order to adapt and keep improving. The job does change from one day to the next at time so do remember the following if you want to be more successful as a CEO.

Overscheduling Yourself

This normally happens with smaller to medium sized companies because of the fact that the CEO ends up having to do so many different things during a single day. That leads towards being overscheduled and inevitably leads towards periods in time when not much can be done. What is important is to be sure that you are effective and that you do include some time to relax between meetings. If the meetings are not important, do not have them and communicate through alternate sources. Always try to identify what alternatives exist so that your schedule can become easier to deal with.

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Try To Obtain More Data And Analyze It

As a CEO you want to know everything that happens so that you get as much information as possible to use in order to make those important decisions. Unfortunately, this is quite complicated if you do not use some software to analyze data or if you do not have a clear channel set up for monitoring purposes. Many ideas can be given but what is very important is to see how you operate and set up channels to gain more data that you can analyze before making the final decision.

Use The Email Appropriately

It is a surprise to see how many businesses remain focused on using phones and paper documents instead of switching to faster alternatives. The use of email can be incredibly effective for every single company in the world. However, email use also ends up taking a lot of time with some companies. What you want to do is take a quick look at the current situation and analyze how email communication is utilized. See if this is the main communication channel that has to be used or see if alternatives exist.

Answer Your Own Phone

If you want to establish trust and prove the fact that you can be trusted, a simple tip that you can use is to answer your phone call whenever possible. People usually end up being surprised If the actual CEO answers the phone so take advantage of this. Most specialists think that this is not possible but in the event that you do have some extra time available, use it in a way that you can improve personal image. This does improve the image of the entire company.


On the whole, being a really successful CEO is all about adaptability. Only work within a setting that is effective. This is an opportunity that few people consider. You want to know your business and you need to constantly learn or adapt.


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