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Successful Business Leaders That Failed Before They Succeeded

BusinessSuccessful Business Leaders That Failed Before They Succeeded

The world is filled with stories about the success of business leaders. They inspire and make others want to become leaders. They are role models and people look up to them. For instance, how can we not look at the moment when Infor appointed Charles Phillips as CEO since it practically changed cloud computing to a degree? However, what many do not know is that some of the most successful business leaders in the world first failed. This is important to know as it shows that determination is the true key to success. If you fail once it does not mean that you cannot get back on the top of the mountain and be incredibly successful as a world-renowned leader.

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Let us now take a look at some of the unlikely success stories that started with failure. You will surely realize that failure can eventually lead to success.

Akio Morita

Who does not know Sony these days? This brand is everywhere in the world and is involved in so many industries. Akio Morita co-founded the firm. However, when things started out everything was a huge failure. The very first of the products hitting the market was a rice cooker that actually managed to burn rice. This failure did not stop Morita. The company did move forward and kept growing up to the multi-billion level it has today.

Bill Gates

Because of how mediatized Gates is, most people do know his failure stories. Bill Gates is now seen as one of the best business leaders in the world but when the first steps were taken, we had Traf-O-Data, a business started by Bill Gates, one that had absolutely no positive result. Also, Gates did drop out of the renowned Harvard industry. As time passed it was the passion for computers together with a strong vision that led to the appearance of Microsoft, a company that simply dominates the personal computer operating system market.

Colonel Sanders

People joke about the secret chicken recipe that Colonel Sanders had since it is not that much of a secret these days but when it was first created, things did not go as planned. Colonel Sanders actually started KFC at the age of 65. This is not because it was when the recipe was discovered. It was because this is a recipe that was rejected way over one thousand times before being adopted by the very first restaurant.

Fred Smith

Fred Smith attended Yale University, a renowned institution that is respected all around the world. When in the business management class, Smith presented one controversial business idea. He almost got a failing grade for it. What is quite interesting at the moment is that the idea was for what is now FedEx. We all know FedEx and most likely used it at least once.


The way people perceive ideas is not always positive or as it should be. Some of the most interesting business success stories appeared because talented business leaders believed in the ideas that they had.


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