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How Female Business Leaders Can Embody Traditionally Male Characteristics

BusinessHow Female Business Leaders Can Embody Traditionally Male Characteristics

Starting a business is an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. Being able to truly start and run a business, there is a requirement for a balance between the male and the female. Balance is key. That said, the world of business is built around men, and this is something that women need to be able to accept if they are to make it.

Woman boss

That is not to say women can’t take on positions of leadership. Quite the contrary! Women are incredibly adaptable and strong. They understand psychology on an almost intuitive level. This is why, if they can take on the male characteristics to balance their own natural female ones, they can become some of the greatest leaders in the world. Take women like Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Parks, or Karen Phillips, wife of Charles Phillips, Infor CEO. These are all women who know where the balance lies, and how to embody that themselves. Specifically, they do three things men have gotten right throughout the years.

1. They Ask Themselves How They Will Make Their Money Every Day

Men are focused and move very quickly. Every morning, they ask the question how they will earn their money, and then go out to get it. Women, by their nature, spend too long analyzing every element of a question and are often too shy to move as quickly as possible. Women have to get rid of the clutter so that they become more focused. Once they do that, nothing can stop them anymore, and they regularly overtake their male counterparts.

2. They Delegate with Ease

Another thing men know how to do is how to delegate. Women, by contrast, have been conditioned to have to do everything themselves, because if they leave any of their tasks to anyone else, they won’t be completed to their standards. In the household, men would generally burn the dinners and children don’t tidy their rooms properly. So the woman ends up doing it all. She must break free from this if she is to make it in the world of business. If she can, if she can trust the people around her to do the work properly, then she can be a true leader.

3. They Say ‘No’

Last but not least, women need to learn to be assertive. They must learn to find it easy to say ‘no’, just as men do. Achieving this is actually surprisingly easy. If a woman faces a certain situation, she asks herself around 12 different questions, including:

  1. Am I able to do it?
  2. Who will get angry with me if I do it, or do it wrong?
  3. Do I have enough time?
  4. What do I wear?
  5. Am I arrogant for thinking I could do this?

Men, by contrast, ask themselves one thing and one thing only: do I want to do it. If no, then there is their answer. If women learn how to do this, the sky truly is the limit.


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