Starting up your own garage can seem like a very lucrative venture. On average, people are actually keeping their cars for longer these days which means it’s more likely they’ll eventually run into some problems along the way. Like any modern business, though, there’s more to running a garage than meets the eye. Here are some of the lesser known aspects that you may not have considered.

Creating a Marketing Strategy

Creating a compelling marketing strategy is a difficult task and one that many entrepreneurs dread. In an ideal world, your service would speak for itself and the customer would work to find you. However, with so many options available to them, this is unlikely to happen and neglecting this side of the business could be a huge risk. You should start by creating a unique selling point. This could be specialised services that your competitors don’t currently offer, such as auto detailing or restoring older vehicles.


You may have to commit to purchasing additional equipment to make this services a reality. However, the initial investments may be worth it in the long-run as this becomes one of your most valuable tools in ensuring your business stand out from rest of the crowd. You may also want to speak with a specialist in the field to ensure you’re using the right language to effectively convey your brand.

Forming Third-Party Relationships

Lots of people end up starting their own businesses because they like the idea of being their own boss. However, it’s a mistake to think that you can run a successful business without the help of others. Not only is this about hiring the right people, it’s also about forming relationships with third-party. For instance, try contacting all of the local car dealerships in your area about possible referrals.

When a customer is having technical issues, the dealership can let their client know about the services you offer. Similarly, you can offer to recommend their businesses if one of your customers is ready to buy a new vehicle. While it’s true that some dealerships offer their own repair services, many smaller businesses aren’t able to match this. By working to combine both of your company’s interests, you could create a strong B2B relationship that could be lucrative for many years.


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