Housesitting can be a way of life. You can sign up as a professional housesitter and set your profile for homeowners to see. You can build a portfolio and advertise yourself as such. It only requires you to have the knowledge, experience, and passion as a house sitter. You can start small in your local area and expand to other cities from afar.

A housesitter will need to be a trustworthy and responsible individual. You can decide to housesit with your spouse which will act as a home away from home. Some of the steps to take in building a strong profile as a housesitter will include:

Create an attractive house sitter profile

Choose a reliable website that offers housesitting services. The profile has to be attractive. You should include your recent portrait that tells more about your character. The portrait has to be inviting in such a way that you are smiling. You can also add photos of the homes you have house-sat and also pictures of you playing with pets. It will send a positive message to homeowners who visit your profile.


Register for email alerts

After you have the profile ready, you can proceed to register for email alerts. Every time a house sitter’s services are needed in your area of preference, you will get those alerts and apply immediately. The alerts will come into your email address you registered with. In that case, you should always visit your email account to get those alerts as they come.

Apply for house sitting ads

You have to choose based on preference. There are cities that you have always wanted to visit. When such ads come out, you should apply right away. The homeowners mostly consider early applications. For example, when a homeowner is looking for a fast housesitting solution, they will probably pick one who applies first. If your resume is solid, you will get the first pick.

Ensure your application is detailed

The homeowner wants to know much about you. Your interests, hobbies, the area of residence, places you have been and the like. You have to personalize your application by writing as much as possible about yourself. The goal is for the homeowner to know more about you. The application should also detail where you have house-sat before and the climate of the area. You will most likely be considered as among the best candidates if you have a similar experience in a similar climate or city.

Don’t forget to include references

Most people when applying even for a job will end the application without detailing the references. The homeowner will need to check the references and thus it is a good thing to include them. Some will leave a note to inform the homeowner that if he or she requires the references, they will be present on request. The homeowner might not have the time to request for references and thus including them upfront will be the best thing to do. It is how you build a strong profile as a housesitter.


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