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Becoming a sports writer

BusinessBecoming a sports writer

The world of sports journalism is a challenging one to break into. It is highly competitive, and there are a limited number of places available. Aspiring sports writer Emily Muhleman decided to take matters into her own hands and has started her own online web journal reporting local sports events. In this way, she hopes to gain experience and build a reputation while she puts herself through university and still sits in the bleachers of her favorite teams.

Love of the game

Even before enrolling in a university program, prospective sportswriters should follow sports and have a strong knowledge of teams and players. Emily’s physician parents instilled a love of sports in her as a young girl, exposing her to tennis, swimming, basketball as well as baseball and ice hockey. Her family avidly cheers for their favorite teams.

Sports journalism

A solid education

Most sports writers can prepare for a career in the field by enrolling in a journalism program. As a student at Maryland University Emily is studying communications with a minor in English to prepare her writing skills with a solid base. Her program will cover many of the same topics such as writing for an audience, critical thinking when covering a story, how to research topics, pitching stories, and engaging readers.

Ambition and drive

A successful sports journalist will have experience. Very often their first job will be as an intern. It’s an important part of developing connections in the field and finding employment. If internships are not available, it is important to continue writing as often as possible on as many platforms as you can. Emily has wisely begun her own web journal where she will cover the teams and topics that most interest her.

This continual writing experience will help to hone her skills and lead to more opportunities in the future. In fact, many sports writers today did not major in journalism or even sports related courses. Post-secondary education is a way to gain many skills that can be used throughout life. A solid foundation of research, time management, grammar, and sentence structure are all important aspects related to a career and out of school.

Start local, go national

Born in Maryland, Emily cheers for local teams and supports homegrown talent. Her blog highlights the teams around Washington DC including the Terrapins, Redskins, Wizards and D.C. United. You can read on her blog about the Redskin Draft Picks for 2016, the suspension of Bryce Harper, the illness of Daniel Harper and the signing of Scott Brooks to the Washington Wizards. Most sports writers start by covering local events and move into larger national markets once opportunities open up. It can be highly competitive but with hard work, perseverance and a little luck, Emily Muhleman will soon be on her way to a successful career as a sports journalist.


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