As a business owner it’s natural to want to innovate and lead your business to greatness, however greatness normally comes at a price and as well as having to sacrifice your time, effort, family, personal life, and maybe even your soul, you will also have to lose a lot of money (or you could buy into the whole ‘spend money to make money’ stuff). I’m sure you don’t mind missing out on Little Timmy’s football game, or making a Faustian pact for success, but I bet you want to do it without having to spend too much money. Luckily for you as technologies constantly evolve, as soon as something new and shinier comes along, the other stuff gets cheaper and some stuff just starts off relatively inexpensive anyway. These are the software solutions I want to talk about today.

SAP Modules

Calling it a module makes it seem like a form of DLC you get with a video game (for anyone over the age of 35, that means downloadable content). SAP is too complicated for me to go into now, so I found this page for you which explains pretty well what the whole SAP thing is. Whilst SAP remains one of the most powerful software companies in the world, there are partnering companies operating that design efficient software that acts (in very simple terms) as an addition to SAP. Companies such as Weavability design specialised SAP ecommerce software for example, but there are many such companies that will have a product that specifically suits your needs.

Web cam


I know this sounds stupid, but Skype is an ‘innovative and economical software solution’. Bear with me, okay? Its free to use (unless you use it to call phones), its simple to integrate as you just download it to the desktop, phone, or tablet, and it’s so easy to use that spotty teenagers are using it in their bedrooms … however, probably not for business meetings … It has simplified inter office communications as well as enabling you to have quick and easy chats with anyone in the world. Need to hire an Indian web designer because the UK and US ones are charging you ridiculous amounts of money? You could interview 5 candidates from all over the subcontinent in about 30 minutes.

Call Logging Software

I’m a fan of anything that makes simple acts like answering a phone a competition. If you have a call centre or run a business where people need to be answering or making phone calls every day, then by implementing call logging software and a giant TV, you can see exactly who is doing the most answering/calling and how long they are doing it for. It’s like a more interesting version of the Olympic league table. You could even call the top four staff Russia, China, US, and UK, seeing as that’s usually the result each time. This software helps you keep an eye on who might be slacking, or who your hardest workers are, and it also helps your staff know if they need to put in a little extra … plus it builds some healthy competition. It’s a win-win.

All that without having to spend hardly anything!


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