When it comes time to improve an organization, often one of the best things that can be done is to figure out how to open the lines of communication within the organization. This is not just an important thing to do, but it is also something that can make significant differences and huge payoffs in terms of productivity and efficiency in no time at all. However, one of the biggest keys will be to figure out where to start and who will have the biggest value imaginable. Take the following items and tuck them away in the back of your mind to discover which levels of communication you should be dealing with.

Upper Management

According to the ISS, there are many departments that could use an improvement when it comes to coordinating with each other, literally as you read this article. However, when you try to implement anything within an organization you have to try to implement it from the top. Being able to get senior level buy-in is not just a nice point, it is imperative. Furthermore, if the upper level executives aren’t going to stress better conversations, then why should any other department or employee care about it? The key thing that you have to do is to make sure you are getting senior level employees to show that they care about strong communication and then the rest of the operation will see the trickle down as they start to embrace the change as well.

Video conference team

Outside Sales Representatives

When things happen on a day to day basis, there are always people who are around and there are always stories to be told about what happens on each and every given day. However, the important thing that you need to consider is the people who are away from the physical office and how you can get (or keep) them involved. One of the best tools you can currently use in today’s business landscape is videoconferencing. This is because as long as you are going to attempt talking to someone on a daily basis and you are going to try to keep them involved in all of the important operations, then you should use a powerful system such as video conferencing systems by BlueJeans for keeping communication ability effective and easy for all levels of the organization. It doesn’t matter if a rep is on the other side of the world or right down the hall, you have to be able and willing to keep them in the loop on all business items.

All Inter-Department Crossovers

According to The Muse, any given department is able to benefit from each other so long as you find the common ground and some overlap. The fact of the matter is that many areas have common overlap. Management and operations need to work with a constant basis with the supply chain officers to determine appropriate levels of inventory to hold and to move. Accounting needs to know how much cash flow will be available for new project allocation, and they need to work with finance in order to see the exact specifics. Inter-department communication is key, and in order to do that, you have to be able to hear what the other side needs, what they focus on, and even on what their objectives are.

It Takes Time

Departments need to realize and remember that when you don’t have a lot of common interaction with each other on a daily basis, it can take a little bit of time to make an objective like communication and turn it into a known part of the everyday process. However, too many organizational leaders will take a look at the potential lack of communication after a short period of time and will then declare the entire policy or program to be a complete and utter failure. The key is to not only give the process some time, but also to make sure that you are implementing communication objectives as a mandatory part of the operation. If your employees are more or less forced to speak with each other more often than they are used to, then in no time at all they will all start to integrate and communicate with each other more naturally.

When you think about talking to other people in the workplace and you start to consider just how important it can actually be for multiple departments to have it, then you should be able to see why video conferencing can be such a benefit. Not only will organizations grow as a whole when the individual units and departments continue to work together, but you will also be able to see the individuals involved creating a better and more cohesive group from day one. Video conferencing truly provides additional communication capabilities at a far more efficient rate, and companies that use them will be able to get ahead in a short amount of time.


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