Business Cards, the short profile of a person that reflects his talents are very important to express the professionalism one has. But one disadvantage business cards have is that all of them get lost in the pocket of a rugged wallet or in the business card holder. But thanks to technology and the digitization of everything that we are now leaving the paper trails behind us and moving forward to the virtual world. You can scan business cards by using business card scanner apps. In this article, I will tell you about some of the best business card scanner apps. Below is the list.

1. Microsoft’s Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens can be used for many things, one of them is the Business Card Scanner mode. It uses the OCR to format and save the business card’s information in OneNote, so you can access all the information later. You can also use Office Lens to digitize any kind of documents by using the camera. It snaps and adjusts the frames automatically.


2. EverNote

The Business card scanner on Evernote is just amazing. You have to just keep the camera on the card and the application will cut alongside the edges automatically. There are many other benefits of the Evernote app like you can integrate the business cards with the LinkedIn accounts of the card person and can also create a smart searchable note about your new business contact. Though one backdrop is that the feature is not free and you will have to buy the premium version but its worth it. The scanning, optimization, and LinkedIn search happen automatically.

3. Scannable – For Evernote free users

Scannable is an awesome document scanning application available for IOS users. You can scan not only Business Cards with it but also receipts, whiteboards, or any other document you point your camera lens at. The scanned documents are automatically optimized and converted into digital files. You can also connect the LinkedIn accounts to business cards by using Scannable. Its worth giving a try if you don’t want to spend your precious bucks on the premium feature of Evernote.

4. FullContact Card Reader

FullContact card reader uses human-powered transcription to convert business cards into contacts. The application uses more than 250 apps to scan and optimize the cards into contacts. It is a fully fledged card scanner suitable for maintaining large databases. You can download the application for free but you can scan only 10 cards with it for free, after that you have to pay for the packs to continue scanning. The packs go from as low as $9.99 to $99 USD per year for 1000 card scans.


5. CamCard

CamCard is available for many operating systems including Android, IOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone and the web app. It can be used to scan electronic cards too. You can scan business cards in CamCard and optimize them according to you. The basic app is free but you will have to pay for the packs to continue using the app.



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