Your office is like the body of your business. Without a body that works and is in good shape then your business isn’t going to work in the way that you wanted it to. There are so many reasons to move offices. Maybe your current office doesn’t support the technology you need for your business, or perhaps you’re just looking for somewhere with a slightly better view. Well, if you’re in this sort of predicament then you’re going to need some advice on not only the best, but the right way to move offices.

Pick a place

First of all, you can’t move offices without having a new office to move into. What you need to do first is find commercial property for rent. Make up a checklist of what’s necessary in your new office (security, kitchen, space for your workforce) and any additional benefits you might want to look for (room for expansion, easy access to public transport). By doing this you can narrow down your search and start making cutthroat decisions. Other things you might want to consider are any additional costs and responsibilities that might come with purchasing particular properties. What are the policies in terms of maintenance and cleaning? Do some thorough research on the commercial properties you’re interested in before you take your pick.

Women in the office moving

Get everything ready

This is the part that requires you to be especially organised. You might want to get started at least a few months before you move into your new office. Start getting removal quotes, ordering new furniture and equipment if you’re going for a full office upgrade, sort out all of the paperwork and bills and ask any suppliers that you intend to keep whether or not any of your rates will change with the move. Moving into an office is different from moving into a house. You can’t just waltz in and unpack when you feel like. If you’re expecting a seamless transition from one office to the other, you should set up everything in your new office before you arrive. You shouldn’t expect your employees to work on the floor and dig through boxes of paperwork while they wait to be settled in.

Make the most of your new space

Moving to a new office doesn’t necessarily mean bringing your old one into a new building. Moving is a great opportunity to improve what wasn’t quite right before. Enter your new office pretending that you’ve never even owned a business before. How would you arrange things? Where would you put what? How could you maximise the space and make your employees more comfortable? This is also an opportunity to talk to your employees and ask for their opinion on how you could improve the office. For example, your employees might complain that in your old office there wasn’t any space for them to eat their lunch, so in your new office you could utilise and spare areas to give them a place to eat. Moving is about new beginnings and if you try to recreate your old business you might as well not have moved at all.

After all that, it’s time to call the professional removals company. Employees shouldn’t help with any heavy lifting or boxing in case they injure themselves, but you should use some of your team to help you overlook the move and keep it going smoothly.


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