Shipping your goods by freight forwarding is one of the most effective ways of carrying cargo both to national and international destination. The people responsible for organising the shipment of goods for individuals or corporations are freight forwarding companies. Freight forwarding companies contract with carriers (sometimes multiple carriers) to move the goods from A to B.

The forwarder doesn’t move the goods themselves but uses their expertise to make the process as streamlined and possible, minimising the stress placed on you and your business. In the UK alone, we rely on freight forwarding for the employment of over 60,000 people and generate revenue of £18 billion. If you have goods to ship, it’s essential to find the best International freight forwarding transport solution that fits your business needs, as well as efficiently transporting them to where they need to be for their end use. Whether its via ship, airline, truck or railroad, selecting the best mode of transport integral to what freight forwarders do best.

Express Freight to Europe

Express freight to European country is the optimum choice if you have fragile cargo or require speedy delivery in a safe and secure way. Emergency freight couriers are able to offer next day freight and delivery within 48 hours throughout Europe, or alternatively a budget 3 day service is available.

Road Freight

Road freight services run daily to and from Europe and offer full loads, part loads and economy grouping of goods too. This method takes goods to Europe, Eastern Europe, European Islands and the Baltics.

Sea Freight

One of the oldest methods of freight distribution, freight forwarding by sea on ships has resulted in hundreds of ports being used worldwide. Carrying freight to Asia, the Middle and Far East and Australasia the freight forwarders often have to be aware of customs and local tax issues.

Air Freight

Freight transportation by air is used to run cargo to places such as India, China and the US for a faster delivery option compared to road or sea. Air freight is also idea for taking goods to remote or difficult to reach destinations on difficult terrain, such mining equipment to Africa.

In an age where there is a constant requirement to stay in 24 hour contact with an interconnected world and where trade is the core of economic activity, navigating through creating seamless global supply is essential. International freight forwarders also have to rely on technological advances to improve their organisational systems. Selecting a freight forwarding company who are exploring digital developments to their freight management operations may improve efficiency in terms of getting your goods from A to B.

Due to increased demand it is inevitable that freight forwarding has faced challenges such as poorly maintained infrastructure in sea ports. Investment into the expansion of our freight services is becoming a priority.

Finally, it is important to note that increased terrorism threats has changed the way freight goods are screened and tracked thought various technology. Safely transporting goods has become a priority in recent years so as a result certain restrictions to shipping options have been implemented in the USA, for example.


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