Growing a welding & fabrication company requires similar marketing skills to those used to expand any other kind of business, except that welding is a highly specialised skill that requires technical input and experience. Welding is valued in many industries, especially construction, where contractors and companies regularly need sub contractors who can meet critical service requests on time and with little notice. If your company has skilled welders who are coded or certificated, each with their own welding mask and personal protection equipment, it will make expanding your welding business an easier task. Make contact with those industry sectors who need welding services, market the integrity of your fabrication work & your ability to complete specialist or bespoke fabrication.

Marketing for Welding Companies

Identifying industrial clients who require welded maintenance, bespoke fabrication or jobbing repairs is a great way to start your marketing campaign if you are a new company. Industry is always going to be in need of welders. You could of course angle your welding business to reach beyond the commercial sector, and into the residential sector. Domestic clients may for instance want gates fabricating or repairing, but the returns and rewards garnered from dealing with industry are greater. Some fabricators simply choose a single industry sector to focus on such as quarrying or display fabrication & expand through contacts they have gathered. However, whilst marketing efforts can of course depend on referrals and word of mouth, why not look to digital marketing.

Welder repairing a pipe

Digital marketing is definitely something you want to consider & running an online marketing campaign is part and parcel of running a modern day business. You can set up profiles on the most popular social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, and then use these pages to attract customers. Share links to your blog posts, promote services, and consider investing in paid ads. Over the longer term, you’ll also want to run a local SEO campaign. Make sure your company is the first that appears in the search results when companies search for welders in your area. When combined with a traditional offline campaign, you will start to see increased customers and revenue.

Making Lucrative Business Contacts

Welding is a kind of business that can be very successful just by way of having a good reputation in any given geographic location. If your welding company is known for always being able to handle bespoke or specialist jobs, you will continue to gain new business. One great method of growing bigger is by continuously looking for new business contacts. Some business owners network religiously giving everyone they meet their business cards, attend seminars and remain highly visible in the business world. Other business owners make additional business contacts by using the web to cast a wide net.
Again, don’t be afraid to use the internet. Set yourself up on sites like LinkedIn and don’t be afraid to network. Industry forums are another great place to meet people and are well worth the time and effort it takes to join.

Referrals, Joint Projects and Networking

After working with a business in a related but non competing niche, you might want to consider if you can form a partnership that can aid you in finding future customers for your company. For instance, a commercial building may refer you other clients when they know that welders will be needed. If you work on a welding job fixing fences, you might be able to mention a landscaper that your company feels comfortable vouching for. This would allow you to balance your business solicitation efforts with a good amount of paid work.

Welders need a lot of training to get proficient at their jobs. It’s not the type of service that you can hire without first checking references, and you most certainly can’t pick up an inexperienced welder off the street. This means that your welding business is bound to succeed if you treat your clients well, and provide the very best services that you are capable of. You might have a harder time if you set up your company in an area which already has a lot of other welding companies, but this is the type of industry that is not easily oversaturated. Put your welding business in a position to soar by being prepared, capable and exceptionally skilled.


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