If you want to maximize your website’s lead generating performance, it helps to think of it as real estate, much like the showroom floor in your car dealership, where you strategize the layout of your inventory. You have a limited amount of premium space on your website (the further down you have toscroll and the deeper you have to click to reach something, the fewer eyes are going to see) and visual clutter can have a detrimental effect on your capture rates. That means you need to think carefully about the tools, ads, and images you use on your landing page and prioritize those elements that do a better job of generating leads.

Rethinking Conventions

Everyone knows that large, banner ads stretching across the top of your landing page get the most traffic and turn over the highest number of leads, right? Think twice – according to research done by Gubagoo, a technology company specializing in generating online leads for car dealers, large display ads only captured 15% of leads. The other 85% were caught by smaller, bottom-of-the-page display ads that had been targeted according to an analysis of the visitor’s behavior.

Smart Tracking

The key to the small ad format’s success is its targeted content, meaning that the offers on display appeal directly to the visitor based on their behavior flow from previous visits, i.e., if they have already clicked on your leasing options, the ads will display promotions related to leases. It’s not as difficult as it seems; a live chat and display ad service like Gubagoo uses its own proprietary behavioral analysis system to identify and track IP addresses, making your ad displays smarter than ever.

Live Chat Brings Them to the Shop

Generating leads is a crucial part of your business but as more people do their research online and foot traffic becomes harder to come by, nothing beats a test drive appointment. While a car dealer live chat provides much higher capture rates, they truly shine when it comes to bringing people onto the lot. On average, car buyers today visit only 1 to 2 dealers before making a purchase, which means that persuading a prospect to book a test drive online is a great way to funnel leads into sales. Online chat liaisons working in 24/7 call centers answer visitors’ questions based on a dynamic script tailored to your business with inventory integration.

A superior car dealer live chat will also include an app that allows your sales team to get directly involved in chat interactions and provide pricing, credit applications, and other information and forms only they can deliver. Rather than stopping at contact information, the online liaison can schedule a test drive appointment on your lot, giving your sales team the chance to close the deal. Think of your website visitors as lemons and your sales as lemonade; a live chat service with targeted display ads is your juicer, and without one, you’re trying to squeeze them by hand. Start improving your sales numbers today with better technology.


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