Today’s digital marketers need all the help they can get. However, with all the tools and technologies available, it can be difficult to know which technologies and tools to choose and use. Below are some of the technologies and tools every digital marketer should be using.


Video has become an extremely important and popular way to share information with a huge number of people online. Different types of videos can be used to advertise products and services or to explain complex information. For instance, video specialists like Spiel Animations produce whiteboard animation videos that are perfect for digital marketers who need to explain something in a video in a short amount of time.


Email is one of the oldest, yet most effective ways to communicate over the internet. However, keeping in contact with large numbers of people through email is time consuming and this exercise can quickly get out of hand.
This is where autoresponders come to the rescue. Autoresponders are software systems that automatically capture the contact details of people who visit a website or want to hear more from a particular business or individual through email. Once these contact details are captured, they are stored in a database and you can send these people scheduled or broadcast messages such as tips, special offers or the latest news about your business, industry or niche.

Mobile Technologies

The latest mobile technologies have removed many of the barriers that once existed online. Millions of people have smartphones and a large percentage of these people only use their smartphones to access the internet. This means every digital marketer has to be aware of how to reach this huge audience of mobile users. Mobile apps, mobile advertising platforms and a range of different mobile analytics tools are available that allow you to do this effectively.

Analytics Systems

In order to build successful online campaigns, you can’t leave anything to chance. This is why various types of online data analytics programs are so important. These systems can be set up on websites, social media pages and mobile apps.
Analytics systems are able to record all of the actions that take place online, so that you can improve your online campaigns, focus on areas of a campaign that are successful and detect parts of a campaign that are not successful and are wasting money.

Keyword, Backlink and Other Website Analysis Tools

Before you start any online campaign, it’s vital to have as many of the facts you need as possible. Everything done online can be tracked and analysed using a wide range of website and online analysis tools such as keyword planners and backlinking tools. When you use these tools, you are more likely to create more efficient marketing campaigns that are based on real facts rather than guesswork.

When you’re starting out in digital marketing it can be difficult to know which tools you need and which tools are a waste of your time. Each of the digital marketing tools mentioned above will transform the way you work and make you a much more professional, effective online marketing expert.


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