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Where Is Industrial Flooring Used?


Industrial flooring is designed to be able to withstand a great deal of pressure and cope with constant knocks and bumps as it is often needed in environments that see more weight and friction being applied as opposed to floor surfaces in our homes, for example. The industrial sector sees a high demand for the types of flooring that we see in warehouses, factories, educational institutions, healthcare environments and in the food and beverage industry. Industrial flooring offers a tough, durable finish that can be coloured to match your brand or fit into a particular environment. The importance of variation when it comes to industrial flooring cannot be undersold in its importance. The following examples of flooring types and where they are commonly found are a great guide to some of the most popular industrial flooring solutions.


It’s very important to prepare the area of earth your flooring will be applied to properly before laying it to ensure it is stable and compacted enough to have the flooring laid over it. Any hints of instability will mean further steps will need to be taken before covering the floor in your chosen material.

The Importance Of Quality

Regardless of where industrial floor is laid, the quality of the way industrial flooring is applied is vital. Flooring is easily affected by weather conditions (temperature and humidity) and also reacts depending on the contractor completing the job and the formula used in the mix.

Resin Flooring

Heavy duty resin flooring is exceptionally durable and hard wearing, making it a great choice for rooms that involve food preparation, such as kitchen for example. The hard wearing components found within the flooring mix ensure that even the most worn out areas keep their colour and stay looking newer for longer.

Flow Applied Epoxy Flooring

Flow applied epoxy flooring is famed for its easy to clean qualities as well as for its durability. It’s the ideal choice for places like laboratories, factories and warehouses, as well as educational properties and healthcare areas.

Floor Seals

Floor sealing is vital in providing a protective surface to flooring. It ensures that the floor laid down is made impermeable by water (which could end up causing a lot of damage to concrete flooring). Floor sealants are used on flooring in show rooms, shop floors and warehouses.

Heavy Duty Cements

Heavy duty cement flooring is a great choice for those looking to restore a previous floor surface. This flooring option makes it resilient to surface wear and tear and is perfect for levelling out uneven floors too. This surface is fast drying and is ready to use within 24 hours of installation.


Mortars and resins are the most popular choices when it comes to warehouse flooring. Many people also choose to add non-slip coatings and other protective finishes to mortar to finish the surface off.


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