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Expert Tips for Creating a Killer Brand


In order to create a brand that consumers will remember it is essential to have an effective strategy in place. If you can get it right, you will create a successful lifelong brand, get it wrong and you will fail. However, branding is still a mystery to a lot of people and is often reduced only to a logo, slogan and a basic philosophy.
But branding is much more than that, it’s about infusing personality into your business and conveying this personality in a clear and concise way to your users. It’s about connecting with them on a deeply human level. Proper branding can be achieved on a shoestring budget, provided you work with the right set of tools.

Understand What Makes You Unique

One of the main reasons as to why individuals fail to create a memorable brand is that they simply have no idea where their strengths lie. In order to be different, you have to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, you have to create something about your business that will captivate your audience. You need to make sure that you are able to effectively communicate how and why your brand is different from others in your niche.

Name and Logo

The goal is to find a logo that people will remember, and a catchy name and slogan that will remain on the tip of your target audience’s tongue. A good logo should be memorable, tasteful and simple, without being too common.
It should also look good on a variety of platforms, formats and colors. And while a good logo should reflect the tone and the nature of your business, it shouldn’t necessarily be a direct representation of the products and/or services that you provide. Some of the most memorable logos actually have little to do visually with their line of business. Symbols and pictograms should be used parsimoniously, if at all.

Great Products and Services

Word of mouth can sometimes be your best advertisement. If your products and services are of a high quality, people are going to talk about your brand. The language that people use to describe your business is essential to your branding. Positive conversation will keep customers coming back and negative conversation will repel them. Sometimes a successful brand is built solely on social proof, and people are more likely to trust the words of an actual user over an overproduced sales pitch.

A Professional Website

If you want consumers to take your business seriously, you need to have a professional website. Your website is a part of your brand, and without one you limit the visibility of your company. Marketing has gone digital, every business that wants to succeed has an online presence.
Your website will set you apart from the crowd, but it is not enough that you have a website. The content on your site needs to be rich, informative and engaging so that you can captivate your audience.
Your website acts as a virtual business card, it is a way of communicating with clients in terms of your latest products and services, news and information. You can’t hire anyone to design your website, make sure that your web designer has got a proven track record for building stellar websites. Also, make sure that you work with agencies, such as Rivers Ad Agency for instance, that have good knowledge of branding as well as web design if you want your design to be conducive to your brand.

Final Thought

Branding should be the first part in starting any business. It is the only way you can effectively connect with your customers and build a lasting relationship with them. However, a poorly designed branding strategy will make a bad first impression.


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