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The Importance of Maintaining Your Scaffolding


Scaffolds are hugely important pieces of equipment within the construction industry, and indoor and outdoor building projects. Without them, it would be impossible to work on ceilings and high wales. Scaffolding must be maintained properly for safety. If you rent scaffolding, then the rental company is responsible for this. However, if you are looking for scaffolding for sale, you also have to commit to sticking to the safety rules and regulations.

Important Safety Protocols

One of the most important parts of the scaffolding tower is the plank, and there are many manufacturers and sellers that offer these. Make sure, if you purchase them, that they meet all the necessary OSHA standards. The OSHA safety standards are measured by the slope of the grain, the number of rings per inch, the number of notches, and the number of knots. The latter two are classed as defects and should hence be kept to a minimum.

Your Responsibilities

Your first responsibility is to make sure you purchase boards from a reputable seller, and that these meet the aforementioned OSHA standards. But there is more to it as well. Once you have purchased your planks, you must make sure that they are stored correctly, in a well-ventilated, dry area, where they should remain until they are ready for use. Keeping the boards dry is the most important factor of all. When wood is stacked together and it gets wet, or even just humid, it provides the perfect breeding group for alga and for wood rot. To store them properly, stack them away from the ground and use stickers to support the different bundles. When you do use your boards, you must check if they have deteriorated, as the simplest fault or crack could endanger the stability and safety of your entire structure.

It is a worrying fact that builders often spend a lot of time to find high quality scaffolding boards, but then don’t take the needed time to make sure these planks continue to be of high quality. Without the proper maintenance and storage, boards become unsafe and can no longer be used. They must then be disposed of, which means money has to be spent for new ones. Had the boards been maintained properly, they would have lasted much longer, so maintenance is actually a cost saving exercises. Taking a little bit of extra time to do things such as making sure your storage area is properly ventilated can really make all the difference.

Most of the time, scaffold boards are made from wood. However, steel and aluminum models also exist. These tend to be a lot stronger and more durable, which is why they are becoming popular. Additionally, they don’t have storage problems. However, they are very expensive, which is money many companies simply do not have to spend. Furthermore, although they don’t have the same issues as traditional wooden scaffolding boards, they do have other issues (weight, lack of trust, oxidization, and so on), which may mean they are not perfect for you.


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