Team bonding is a fantastic and tried and tested way to encourage collaboration and teamwork in the workplace. Fun activities for your colleagues that will help build a strong team environment can be anything from a corporate treasure hunt to bling drawing or the ‘human knot’. One of the most important reasons to get your team out of the office and into a new space and participating in bonding activities is to get results. A series of planned team binding events that are fun and motivational can help improve skills like communication, planning, problem solving and conflict resolution (to name a few).

While team building has had a past reputation of being ‘lame’ it is now being recognised more and more as being one of the best forms of investment a senior member of staff can bestow upon their staff. Effective team building means more engaged employees which is great for company culture and can be hugely enjoyable if done properly.

Team building events can be used to find the strong points in an individual’s personality, such as leadership or communication, for example. This can help employees by giving them greater job satisfaction and the opportunity to progress to their fullest potential as their strengths is highlighted and played to. This creates a cycle of reward as positive feedback is backed up by positive action and so the pattern continues. Bonding exercises are a perfect way to create an effective and efficient workplace.

It’s highly unlikely that any office is devoid of cliques and groupings despite people’s best efforts and it’s not something we seem to grow out of after school. Team bonding helps to break down these barriers by creating a forced interaction between established groups. This helps build communication as well as friendships and networking opportunities. If employees are more comfortable around one another, that is another barrier broken down and makes for a much smoother and less stressful day at work or everyone.

Team bonding is ideal in benefiting the team as a whole as when people are made to break out of their comfort zones, they can often be surprised with how well they do and missed opportunities become no more. People discover they enjoy interacting with those they haven’t previously had the chance to and this builds greater interaction between teammates. Those who previously didn’t get along are also more likely to forget their differences through team bonding.

Frequency is also important when it comes to bonding exercises as in order to have a long lasting impact; exercises have to be repeated to see the bet results, much like working out at the gym. Most team building goes flat because a great team bonding event is forgotten about shortly after. It’s key to keep the excitement going and the challenge is always to create fun opportunities for people to connect and interact in meaningful ways each time. Something as simple as a daily huddle sets a president for the day to check in and get your staff pumped for the day ahead.


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