Emmme Studio

First on the list is a start-up about interior design and more specifically, home decoration focused on the personalities of the customers. The name comes from the 3 women architects who started the project and what has set them apart from competitors is that they offer affordable options with personalised designs.


At this point in 2017 it’s needless to say that the time of electric bikes is here. Every day people are becoming more conscious and sensitive about the environment and electric bikes help reduce the pollution and waste in more ways than one. As such, BIBOO, a start-up with sustainability in mind has managed to thrive in the market.

Fabulist Travel

Travel is something that people will always do, especially now, more than ever thanks to the betterment of the means of transport. However, travel services are far from perfect and many times people end up visiting places they didn’t like or having experiences they didn’t wish for. This is why Fabulist Travel is a great start-up to follow this year. They manage to prepare the perfect trip for their clients according to their needs and preferences and organise almost everything.

Abalo Publicidad

Abalo Publicidad is an e-shop and enterprise based in Spain. They are known for offering high quality products such as workplace clothes and supplies as well as presents. Their top notch platform has set them apart from their competitors and their 2016 growth is there to prove this.


With the age of technology come thousands of apps which promise entertainment and convenience. However, very few manage to succeed in such a tight competitive field. Videona is one of those that performed exceptionally well in 2016 thanks to its revolutionary method of editing videos which enables and makes sharing them on social media easier than ever.

Monarch Solicitors

Monarch Solicitors is a unique start-up in this list mainly because they have to do with legal matters and because although they’re relatively knew, when you look at them you’ll feel as if they’ve been in business for years. This UK based start-up has rapidly become one of the best lawyer firms thanks to their high quality legal services for decent prices.

Sharing Matter

If you thought BIBOO was the only successful “green” start-up then here’s a surprise. Sharing Matter is a start-up that proposes the use of materials, consumables and good that are underutilized so that waste can be reduced. How do they do it? Thanks to a solid network among individuals and organizations where communication is easier than ever, they work as link between the people who have or want the items.

Audio MC

Contrary to what one might expect, AudioMC is not a start-up involved in provided advances audio systems. Instead they work on developing biomedical devices which are used in patient treatments. The innovation comes with the fact their devices are cheaper than what is the current standard and they also promise faster treatments.

Sp Control Technologies

Here’s another unique application, this time brought by Sp Control Technologies and revolving around digital control of power converters. Essentially it makes microchips work faster thanks to eliminating the preliminary programming they inherently have. The start-up has shown rapid growth in its first year.

Wine Outlet

Wine Outlet is a start-up and online platform, based in Greece, focusing on providing the most popular and best quality wines through its e-shop. There was a lack of such services in good quality in Greece and Wine Outlet managed to fill it with its amazingly massive range of wines.

Which start-ups stood apart for you? Would you following them and see for yourself how they grow in this upcoming year?


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