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Moving office: the ultimate health and safety checklist


From finding the perfect office to keeping your employees and customers happy throughout the tense moving period, relocating a business is stressful. Even as an entrepreneur with years of experience juggling an overloaded to-do list, it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks.

But, busy as you are, there’s one crucial area you can’t afford to neglect over the next few months – health and safety.

Before you can finally get started with the fun stuff, like decorating and organising a launch party, you need to make sure your new headquarters are fit for action. Otherwise, as well as putting your employees in harm’s way, you risk being hit with profit-destroying fines for failing to meet governmental workplace regulations.

To avoid that happening, we’ve put together a health and safety checklist to guide you through your big move. Take a look.

#1: uncover hidden hazards

Before you can make your new office safe for employees, you need to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Don’t start work or move in until you’re fully satisfied there are no major structural or environmental issues to deal with.

For example, asbestos is one of the leading causes of workplace deaths in the UK but it’s easily to overlook. Hire the experts to survey the premises and, if asbestos removal is necessary, they’ll handle it quickly and efficiently.

#2: update all facilities

It’s your legal responsibility to provide a healthy working environment for your employees, and part of that is making sure all facilities are up to scratch, including the lighting, heating, ventilation and accessibility.

Maintaining high standards of hygiene will be key to looking after facilities in the long-run. Start off on the right note by putting your new premises through a professional deep clean, then keep on top of dust and grime by implementing a thorough housekeeping schedule.

#3: invest in security and protection

Getting your building ready is going to require some serious spending, but although there are savings to be made in certain areas, security and fire protection measures deserve careful investment.

Fire safety is highly regulated so ask your local council for advice on installing fire doors and alarm systems. When it comes to physical security, fitting alarms, secure door systems and outdoor lighting should be your first step.

#4: create a safety conscious culture

Start with our checks and you’ll soon be able to welcome your employees to their new office, but don’t stop there. After everyone’s settled in, continue to undertake regular risk assessments to identify any future problems.

And to build a business with a strong culture of safety at its heart, train all staff in emergency exit protocols and your comprehensive procedures for managing and controlling hazards.

Do you have any other health and safety tips for protecting employees from common workplace risks? Leave a comment and let us know.


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