If you have to wear any sort of protective clothing or equipment while doing your work you can at least be reassured that what you put on to carry out your tasks will look and feel very different to anything worn by your predecessors.

Personal protective clothing has witnessed a rapid transformation in recent years and now you can often enjoy a greater level of protection but without always having to compromise on comfort or style to achieve that aim.

Here is a look at how protective workwear has evolved and what it now offers modern workers. There is an overview of why protective wear is so vital, how improvements go beyond previous standards, plus an insight into how technology is having an impact.

Last line of defence

It is not overstating the importance of personal protective equipment and clothing to say that sometimes what you are wearing could quite literally be the last line of defence in stopping you from suffering an injury.

The number one priority for any protective item that you are going to be wearing is to try and a prevent the prospect of injury or even death in some circumstances.

If you are wearing a safety cap that you had found at this site , for example, it could conceivably provide you with the right level of protection you need to avoid what could otherwise be a serious and damaging injury.

There is no doubt that personal protection in the workplace has evolved in recent times and with a much greater awareness of health and safety in the workplace, this has prompted a very noticeable change in personal protective equipment trends.

You want something that protects you first and foremost, but if it can be comfortable and even look stylish, these are now achievable aims with the options now available to workers.

Going beyond the bare minimum

Health and safety guidelines in the workplace are there for a very good reason but what a lot of manufacturers are now trying to offer their customers is safety equipment and clothing that allows workers to enjoy more than just the minimum required protection.

Depending on how challenging the workplace environment happens to be, it is now commonplace for suppliers to come up with a solution that combines a whole host of safety features within the one design.

If someone is required to work in a confined space they might require a solution that deals with potential respiratory problems, gas detection, plus adequate protection from the impact of a fall.

What you are increasingly likely to find is that you should be able to find a protective clothing solution that combines all of these protective options and maybe even more besides.

You can now easily find products that use breathable fabrics and offer far greater protection and comfort than the old hard-hat and overalls days of yesteryear, plus they look stylish and professional too.

Say that again

Hearing loss is a major factor and there are many industries that require workers to carry out their duties in a noisy environment.

Wearable technology is helping to improve awareness of this particular problem and as well as providing better hearing protection through product improvements and raising awareness of a problem by monitoring levels, you can also get workwear that monitors heart rate and other vital clues to the health of each worker.

Wearable tech can help in Identifying a sudden rise in the heart rate or temperature can be an excellent early warning system.

Thanks to this revolution workers could now be wearing protective clothing and equipment that keeps them safer, monitors their vital signs and even manages to look good too.

Sienna Baxter works as a safety compliance officer and shares her views and professional insights around the web on relevant work-safety/business blogs.


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