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Building an Online Portfolio to Showcase Your Engineering Skills


If you have achieved an online masters in engineering, and have had experience working for some of the biggest engineering companies in one of the many industries, you may have thought about taking your engineering skills to the next level by starting your own company. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had 10 years experience working as a leader in bioengineering or electrical engineering, starting your own engineering company could be very profitable. Starting the business is difficult alone, but when it comes to creating an online presence to showcase your work, you could be in over your head. However, by using one of the below options you will have your own portfolio online quickly so you can concentrate on what’s important, and that’s building a successful engineering company.

Use a Website Builder

If you have no experience when it comes to web development, using one of the many website builders online will help you set up your portfolio with ease. You will need to pay a small monthly fee for this, but it is the most viable option, especially if you have no experience when working with websites.

Hire a Web Developer

If you are truly looking to invest in your website, then the best way of getting a portfolio online would be to hire a web developer who will be able to do everything from scratch. You can expect to pay anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on your needs and the developer you choose to complete the work, but it will be very beneficial in the long run. Hiring a developer to build your website should be looked at as a good investment, because not only will you get more clients from looking professional, but if the worst does happen in the future and you decide to sell your business, you will still be able to sell the website and recoup some of, if not all, the money you spent on it.

Use WordPress

WordPress is a platform you can take advantage in setting up your online portfolio, and it will still give you the same control over the website as getting one made from scratch. Once you have a domain and web hosting, installing WordPress can be done with a couple of clicks. And, once it’s online, you can change the theme of the site to a portfolio based website. All that is then left for you to do is to upload images of your engineering projects and add a bit of information about your company.

If you have achieved a masters of engineering online and are now looking to set up your own company, it’s important you get your website right by taking advantage of one of the above options, otherwise you could find that all that engineering experience could go down the drain quite rapidly. Potential clients want to see a professional website and if you haven’t spent the time on building one or investing in one, then you will find that those potential clients will look elsewhere for their engineering requirements.


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