The best strategy in life is to learn. Those who read, will have a more solid base to defend their arguments. In the case of shopkeepers, with a competition that ‘attacks’ on all fronts, trying to be the best is the only objective.

Offering the best service, the most exquisite and efficient attention and of course, keeping abreast of new developments in terms of new technologies (and languages ​​if they reside in a tourist place). Receive a good training, in short.

I was told and I forgot; I saw and understood; I did it and I learned it.

That phrase is attributed to Confucius and applies to all formators in all fields of life. It is no use, that the City Councils and the Chambers of Commerce invest in providing courses to the merchants of their city if they are not practical.

For example, now we are all obsessed with the use of social networks, an excellent alternative if the trade can do this work, that is, dedicate time and above all: do it right.

Everyone knows that the ways to sell and buy evolve. The client has changed his habits and there are two options: not accept it or be aware of the moment we live, and adapt to the changes. Some changes are not just creating a web page or opening a page on Facebook as a second showcase.

  • What can and should a shopkeepers learn to cope with this change?
  • How to control which products should be sold. Assortment and profitability strategy
  • Basic aspects that should take care of the web of a traditional shop
  • Ask himself: Is my shop/business ready for e-commerce? And if so, where to start?
  • Effectively employ social networks and take care of the customer on the Internet
  • How to use the space of your trade to communicate with customers: “cold” and “hot” points of the premises.

The hot spots are: those corridors with products of first necessity or high demand, boxes, areas with special decorative elements or stands of promotions, etc.

The cold spots are: those spaces of the establishment whose sales volume is below the average of the establishment. Dead ends or those that are very close to the entrance.


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