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E-Cigarettes in Our World: Keeping Up With the Latest Regulations and Laws

BusinessE-Cigarettes in Our World: Keeping Up With the Latest Regulations and Laws

Is it okay to smoke your e-cig? The answer depends on where you are in the world. In places like America, where there is a division between federal and state laws, it can get confusing. As laws and regulations continue to develop, e-cig smokers are finding themselves in a smog in trying to keep up with the latest developments. Here’s a rundown of situations across the globe.

United Kingdom

E-cigarette use reaches nearly three million in the UK, yet as of 2016, the government has endorsed laws to make e-cigs weaker in potency as well as standardise packaging. Also, as with cigarettes, packaging must feature a warning about the addition of nicotine and mention of its addictive qualities. Celebrities are not to endorse e-cigs and products shall not be given out as promotional gifts.


Brasil considers e-cigs to be imitations of tobacco. The use, sale, or production is prohibited as suggested by the country’s health department. The agency found the amount of information available inadequate to allow for the public consumption of e-cigs. It’s unregulated there but it seems some tourists get away with bringing their supplies into the country.


E-cigarettes are not approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Devices containing nicotine are banned. Some believe the lack of information about ‘vaping’ and related products creates a mixed reaction amongst the public. Smokers enjoy the option of vaping rather than smoking cigarettes, especially if trying to quit using nicotine.


Canada’s laws are mostly liberal, giving e-cig users reason to rejoice. However, the border officials reserve the right to confiscate any nicotine related products. However, once you’re in Canada, there is no ban on sale, advertising, or consumption of e-cigarettes and vaping related products. However, e-cigs cannot be imported, so while visiting, you need to purchase products from authorised Canadian dealers. You may need to wait until you’re back home to smoke SMOK box mods.


The Health Ministry issued a ban on e-cigs, which is opposed to the popularity of the nicotine products. About one million French citizens support the sale and use of e-cigs. Ironic to some arguments as to why e-cigs are good, France’s health minister pointed out the similarity between smoking cigarettes and vaping, and how vaping could lead to smoking.

European Union

Within the union is a mix of regulations and distinct views. It’s okay to vape in Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Germany, but it’s only okay for medicinal purposes in Denmark and Austria. You won’t find e-cigs for sale in Finland, yet you can travel there without worrying about officials disturbing your personal stash of e-juice. It’s an open market to all except those under the age of 16 in Italy.


America recently posed tighter restrictions on those who sell vape related products. According to an FDA representative, between 2011 and 2015 the use of e-cigarettes amongst high schoolers rose a whopping 900 per cent. No sale of vape products is allowed to those under eighteen and photo ID is required for those between the ages of 18 and 26.

Maddison Day loves to travel and just got back from 3 weeks in India. She smokes e-cigs (after giving up her 20 a day habit) and this trip got her thinking about the rules and regulations about e-cigs and vaping no matter where you are in the world.


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