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Which businesses give the most to charity?


Giving to charity is something that most companies aim to include in their day to day business ventures. It is not unusual to find companies running events to raise funds for events such as Red Nose Day or Children In Need or wider organisations that need the support of external funding. There are wide ranges of ways in which your business can contribute to a charity of your choosing and one of them is through a giving charity account or through event hosting. To get a better idea of how to successfully raise money, we have collected examples of the way other businesses give to charity.


One of the ways in which Apple can be seen a leader in the charity giving process is by creating a process in which Apple match employee donations. This idea was implemented by Tim Cook when he became the head of Apple in 2011- since implementing this, Apple have matched over $25 million in employee donations which has helped more than $50 million to be donated to charities all over the world.


When it comes to being at the top of their game when it comes to philanthropy, no one does it better than Google. Google has a great deal of power and ability to do good for the world due to its size; with offices in 70 cities and 40 countries. Google relies on its generous and enthusiastic employees to push forward its desire to raise money for charity. Google employees reportedly gave up a total of 80,000 hours of service for charitable causes in one year alone! It also has a number of community programmes in place, from Code for America, Bay Area Giving and Raspberry Pi. Each aims to work to strengthen the community through education and funding.


Microsoft is another top donating business out there and has been committed to raising money since its very first employee giving programme in 1983- Microsoft has so far donated over $1B to charitable organisations! Similarly to Apple, Microsoft runs a volunteer match program me in which non-profit organisations receive $25 per hour when employees volunteer their time for at least 4 hours at a time.


When it comes to being one of the leading figures of charitable giving, Pepsi go above and beyond in the hope of helping those in need. Pepsi prioritises its charity work based on the areas it is most closely related to and helps in areas such as job readiness, female empowerment, clean water access and healthy lifestyles. Pepsi also runs programmes such as Pepsi Corps which is a skills based volunteer programme and Food For Good which serves free healthy meals to intercity children in need. One of the areas in which Pepsi excels is giving grants that help to fund water conservation projects.

While it is clear corporation charity work is important that is not to say that it is something everyone has to try to achieve. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO keeps his philanthropically work separate to his business ventures and gives money to charities in his personal life rather than through corporate giving.



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