Email marketing continues to remain one of the most successful methods of online marketing, even in the age of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, just like any other marketing tool in the business, it needs proper implementation to be successful. The trick is to get the basics right and be aware of all that’s going on. If you are thinking about launching a new email marketing campaign any time soon or if your last campaign did not produce the results you were expecting, the following ideas might be worth going over.

Find the Right Email Addresses

The email list is one of the first and the most important resources at your disposal. This is why it is important that you generate a list that’s relevant to your business rather than just another generic email list. For example, a service like will help you generate hundreds of B2B email addresses per month for free, instead of filling in your list with irrelevant personal and spam addresses. Rather than a huge and unverified catalogue, focus on making a relevant and quality email list to see improved rates of conversion.

Avoid the Spam Box

The last thing that you want to do is end up in the recipient’s spam box. Even if your website doesn’t have a bad reputation, there’s just no telling what the spam filter will catch and what it won’t. To avoid this, gently ask the recipient to whitelist you every time an email is sent from your end. Request they add your email address to their address book right at the beginning of the mail, or at the end after the thank you note.

Make the Newsletters Good

Any newsletter that you send should be friendly and should not try to pitch directly for a sale. They should inform the recipient about your products with the help of updates and images. Add a bit of a personal touch to it with a customised friendly message if you can. Remember that newsletters are not meant to convert into sales directly, but are useful tools for establishing a sense of familiarity and trust with the customers.

The Pitching

You need to remember that if you pitch too often, chances are that potential clients may unsubscribe or put you on the spam list. To avoid that, pitch for a sale mostly when there’s some sort of a value associated with the pitch. For example, offers and discounts are Amazon’s prime modes of pitching. Linking out to relevant and informative blog sites and news articles can be a good idea too. Just don’t overdo it!

Last but not least comes the evaluation phase, which should be done with the analytics tool provided by the email service provider. If your emails are not being opened enough times, it means it’s time to work on managing customer expectations or offer more value-added services. A low CTR indicates you may need to improve your copy or your email list. If people are unsubscribing way more than they should, you will first have to try and figure out why they are doing so. Autoresponder emails may need to be changed and you might have to use a different approach altogether with your call-to-action setup. The key is to constantly be in sync with everything that’s happening and taking steps accordingly, so that you can improve your next email marketing campaign.


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