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3 High Paying Biotech Jobs in Even Higher Demand

Business3 High Paying Biotech Jobs in Even Higher Demand

If there are two industries that are growing almost at the speed of light, they would be technology and medical science (i.e. healthcare). However, what happens when you land a job that is a combination of technology and medical science? If you have an online bachelor of science degree in medical laboratory science you can fit into both industries nicely for a career with a future. Here are three high paying biotech jobs that really are in even higher demand than the current rate of pay. What does this mean? They are jobs that will almost certainly see faster-than-average pay raises over the coming decade.

1. Biological and Chemical Technicians

Working alongside scientists who often hold masters or doctorate degrees in their respective fields of study, a biological or chemical technician works in a laboratory setting, often testing innovations discovered by the scientists they are working with. Combined, these jobs will account for more than 20,000 openings between now and 2027 and the median pay is somewhere in the low to mid $40k mark for entry level positions. You can take a medical laboratory scientist program online to prepare you for entry level positions and then if you wish, you can further your studies later on to get that coveted masters in medical science.

2. Medical Lab Technologist or Technician

Sometimes referred to as a clinical lab technologist or technician, a medical lab technologist typically works in a hospital or healthcare setting. These professionals study in a laboratory setting such things as blood, organs, tissue, and anything that has been collected to be studied. They may work in a laboratory setting that seeks to diagnose live patients or may be in a field of research that analyses specimens from dead or dying people. In either case, a lab technician/technologist is a rewarding career that helps to save the lives of countless numbers of people. The median pay at this time is almost $50k and the prospect of growth within this field is an amazing 22% over the coming decade.

3. Medical Scientists

With a degree from an NAACLS accredited medical laboratory scientist program, you can land a prestigious job at a hospital, healthcare facility, or pharmaceutical company, or even in a teaching university or school of biological sciences. The average pay rate at this time sees medical scientists making $76,000 and the rate is set to rise rapidly as more cures are needed with an influx of new ‘bugs’ being discovered.


A job in any one of these settings can offer a career of a lifetime with better than average pay grades and future prospects. You will find that you will be in the midst of cutting edge biological technology and perhaps will play a role in finding a cure for cancer or the common cold. Wouldn’t it be nice to go down in history as being on a team that found a cure or vaccine to avoid one of our most mortal diseases? With a degree in medical laboratory science, you might be able to do just that.


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