For a lot of teens and young adults, the idea of growing up and getting a job is most scary only because they dread the idea of being stuck behind a desk. Whether they have visions of sitting in a cubicle or missing out on the warm weather, many assume that becoming a working professional involves business suits and lots of time spent indoors. The good news is that you can study civil engineering online or even become an insurance broker so that you don’t have to work a single, stationary place. Here are five jobs that you won’t need to do from behind a desk that will have you going from place to place on a daily basis.

1. Travel Nursing

You will have the chance to work with a multitude of different patients in various settings if you decide to go into the travel-nursing field. With this type of job, it will be possible for you to choose your own assignments, so if you’d rather work in certain states that have sunny weather you have many opportunities pick the most appealing assignments. The best part of this job is that no deskwork is required.

2. Civil Engineering

Choose the right path in the civil engineering field and you will be able to work outdoors 365 days per year. Once a civil engineering online degree has been earned, you can select what type of job you want, determining if you’d rather work on top of the highest bridges or along the busiest roads. This is definitely a job to look into if you don’t ever want to work behind a desk for a living.

3. Politics

You may end up sitting behind a desk as you sign new orders into law, but as soon as that’s done you get to meet with constituents and head back on the road again. Politics requires a lot of travel, but late night hours and lots of socializing is listed as a part of your required job duties. You can be highly intellectual and dress professionally without needing to toil away at your desk as a politician.

4. Art Curating

If you would rather spend your time installing art exhibits and hanging oversized paintings from the walls of art galleries, art curating may be for you. Art curators work directly with prominent artists in an effort to get access to their very best works. Although reading is a basic requisite of this job, you can perform many of your work related duties while curled up in a recliner or stretched out on the floor if you really like.

5. Culinary Arts

From sous chefs to restaurant owners, pretty much no one specializing in culinary arts sits behind a desk all day. You can turn a life for food into a full-time career that gives you the chance to go on excursions, while staying active.

Although becoming a working professional will have you compromising on certain things, if you know that life behind a desk is not meant for you, check out the different careers available for travelers, outdoorsy types, and social butterflies. Even if you still put on a suit, jacket and tie, there’s no reason that you can’t spend most of your days on your feet or in the strategy room. Figure out what kind of setting you want to work in, and then choose a career path that lets you do what makes you happy.


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