If you are a truck owner, there are many businesses that you might be able to start. The truck is often the largest expense, so once you have one, you might not have to spend much more to get started.

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, here are a few ideas you could consider.


One of the simplest businesses to set up with your truck could be a courier driver. If you have a large truck, this will perfectly position you to become a courier driver for larger items, and you could specialise in a certain type of delivery.

If you have something like a RAM truck 1500, you could easily get started as a courier, and you could transport large goods for both businesses and individuals.


A strong and sturdy truck could be ideal for starting up a hauling business. You will probably want to stick to smaller businesses and residential customers. Depending on your truck, you could haul large weights, and this is a good option because there are low start-up costs. Hauling building supplies could be a good option to start with.

Dump Truck

You could start a business by offering to clear out junk from people’s homes. Then you can also make some money on recycling or selling on anything of value, and a large truck will be ideal for this.

Repairs Service

Transporting broken appliances to get them repaired, and you might even be able to repair them if you have the skills. Many people will not be able to move large appliances themselves, so provide them with a useful service.

Yard Maintenance

You could invest in some tools and offer a yard maintenance service. Cleaning up yards could involve doing basic jobs, or you could get trained in landscaping yards.

Cleaning Service

You could start up your own cleaning business with a truck and some cleaning tools and supplies. You often have to transport a lot of items for cleaning out homes and offices, so a truck is ideal. Again, you could specialise in a particular type of cleaning to stand out from the competition.


Start up a removals service and help people to move home, or help businesses to move offices. What you can move depends on the size of your truck, but could be a good option.

Learn a Trade

You could even learn a trade like plumbing. You then have your truck already, which will be vital for getting around and transporting your tools. It may take a few years to train up, but you have already made the largest purchase, and you may find this to be a lucrative business.

Consider Starting a Business with Your Truck

These are a few ideas for businesses that you could start if you own a good truck. Do any of them stand out to you? If so, do some more research and find out whether it could be a possibility

However, make sure you find out about all of the licenses and insurance you will need where you live. Regulations vary depending on where you are, so always do your research and get informed about the requirements for launching your new business.


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