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Basic Tech Items Every Small Business Office Needs

BusinessBasic Tech Items Every Small Business Office Needs

Running a small office means buying a lot of tech items. Now that most offices have gone virtual, or use cloud tech, the need for many tech gadgets other than handheld devices have disappeared. However, there are a number of basic items every small business is expected to invest in. Here are several of must-have tech items for small business offices and best ways to buy without overspending on each:


Printers were once an absolute necessity at any office. Thanks to email, cloud and apps, most businesses now do not need to print out each memo or report. That does not mean your business is not in need of a printer, however. There will always be that occasional print job, such as for flyers, customers receipts and notices. So it’s worthwhile to have a printer around the office. Ideally, small businesses are recommended to invest in laser printers. But, if printing needs are zero to very few, your company can buy a cheap Canon or HP printer that costs less than $100. Most of these budget printers have added perks like wirelessness, air printing and smartphone synching.

Programming Laptops

Of course, each employee absolutely must have his or her own workstation at any business. Small businesses are prone to buying desktops, which can be bought for cheap with relatively powerful CPUs. But don’t forget that your business needs to have a laptop or two at hand as well, in case an employee needs to travel, go to a conference and so on. Buy a well-reviewed programming laptop for your needs. These machines are powerful enough to handle everyday work-related tasks. But they are not awfully powerful so you have to pay premium price. Having a programming laptop around the office is quite convenient as well for the IT people. The following resource should help – http://www.computer-realm.net/best-laptops-for-programming/

Standalone Scanner

Remember those scanners of the yore that took forever to get to work. Forget them. Buy a modern, standalone scanner for your small business. These scanners are wireless and does not need to be connected to a PC. An employee can scan a document, and the file will be electronically sent to a PC or a smartphone via an app. That’s more than convenient. Some standalone scanners directly connect to cloud drives so multiple employees can access a file. There are brands that sync with task management apps like Evernote too. You can buy one of these highly productive devices for less than $500.

DSLR Camera

All small business offices need at least one camera, even if graphics is not the business. You will need a camera occasionally to take team pictures or for team outings. Having a DSLR camera at hand will be useful for taking pictures for marketing material as well. Why DSLR? These are the most easy-to-use digital cameras that you can buy at budget prices. DSLRs are great for taking pictures in different modes, like portraits and landscapes. More importantly, users don’t need photography knowledge to use one.

Internal Router

Extend the Wi-Fi capability inside your office securely with an internal router. It is possible to buy one for less than $100, but it’s strongly recommended to spend some money for additional security features.

To run your small business as efficiently as possible, make sure the above devices are stocked in your office.


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