The markets, captivated by a liquid-thirsty Elon Musk for its next release (Model 3), are betting on the car maker, which has revalued around 30% so far this year. The biggest increase in a sector, in full renovation, which is listed at low hours and leaves 3.45% since January.

The latest to succumb to the charms of Musk has been China’s Tencent, which on Monday announced an injection of 1.7 billion in exchange for 5% of the shares. A final blow to Tesla’s stakes, which hit $ 280: a share unknown since July 2015. All this helped by an operation commanded by Musk himself to sell shares and convertible debt worth 1,100 million.

Tesla’s results do not seem to discourage its investors. Although the company has accumulated losses of more than 2,608 million euros since 2008 and its last accounts do not diminish this hole (last year they lost 628 million euros, 24% less than the 827 million recorded previous year) , Tesla seduces the markets. The company failed to meet its target of delivering 80,000 vehicles. It remained at 76,230 units although it produced 83,922 in 2016, 64% more than in 2015 due to “production problems” arising from the installation of the new Autopilot autonomous driving hardware. In the fourth quarter of 2016 Tesla produced 24,882 vehicles, of which it delivered to its customers about 22,200 (12,700 Model S and 9,500 Model X).


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