It’s not hard to see why Airbnb is attractive to both guests and hosts. On average, a stay in an Airbnb property costs 18.8 percent less than the average daily rate of a hotel. On the other hand, it can be a great earner for people with a spare room, flat or house they don’t regularly use.

Airbnb has undoubtedly made holidaying cheaper and taken away power from large hotel chains. However, there are horror stories of stolen money and scamming guests, most of which are published on

It’s easy for traditional homeowners and landlords to understand how home security applies to them; buy a home security system and keep an eye on your belongings. But in the age of Airbnb, the details are not so clearly defined.

On the one hand, you want to ensure your property is properly protected, but on the other you don’t want to go too far and create a holiday home for people that is invasive and unwelcoming. Here’s our security checklist all Airbnb properties ought not to be without.

1 Install wireless burglar alarms

Installing burglar alarms is an effective security measure in any home, however wireless security systems are especially useful for Airbnb listings as owners can be alerted from afar via a smartphone. You can set up these systems to send you text messages any time the system is triggered, keeping you in the loop throughout the guests’ stay, without making the guests feel uncomfortable.

Many professional security companies offer monitored alarm services. However, the best of these will provide various levels of response, from informing selected individuals, to the police. London-based Banham Group provide award-winning burglar alarm systems with a dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This means the alarms are monitored remotely by an expert team, so Airbnb hosts that don’t have the time to monitor their property can still have peace of mind.

2 Entry systems

Entry systems are an excellent way for the host to identify any guests before letting them into the property. While audio entry systems allow users to speak to visitors, most video entry systems enable users to get a 180-degree field of view in addition.

For cautious Airbnb hosts this could be hugely beneficial, especially as so many different guests come and go. Furthermore, this can help guests feel more secure.

3 Trust your own intuition

According to the Airbnb Host Guarantee, you are required to communicate with your potential guests and review their profiles thoroughly to qualify for damage and theft reimbursement. Here it pays to go with your gut, if something just doesn’t seem right, don’t take a chance. Even if an item is covered by insurance, some things are irreplaceable.

4 Automatic door locks

You can also install smart door locks on your Airbnb property. Similar to the benefits of wireless burglar alarms, these locks can allow you to lock and unlock your door remotely and monitor who is entering and exiting.

This also rids you of the rigmarole of key exchanges and may deter would be burglars who know they are being monitored. All the guests need is customised codes to enter and lock the door.

5 Additional security

While it’s important to make your property secure, your security measures can help guests enjoy themselves. After all, many holidaymakers will be experiencing a new area for the first time. In such cases, feeling secure will be an important factor for them.

Additional security, such as providing a security safe for your guests’ valuables will always be appreciated.


  1. If you don’t want to risk your property, don’t lease it!
    Host’s bad behaviour is a natural risk in this business. You must account it in your numbers.


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