Promotional items and corporate gifts will help both prospective and existing consumers to remember your company’s brand and image. Corporate gifts may be any product like pens, office supplies, and drinking bottles that have your company’s name and logo printed on them. Here are some key benefits that promotional products can add to your business.

1. Enhanced Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is a major target for marketing departments in both small and big businesses. One of the best ways to achieve this is to give out a useful product that carries your company logo and other vital contact information. This form of creative marketing is a simple but effective tool, which will increase brand awareness among your target audience. If you can customise an item that your prospects and customers can use everyday with your logo, you will achieve a higher level of brand awareness in a short time.

2. A Complement to Your Business Card

Business cards have served as valuable tools to create a strong first impression in the mind of potential clients and business partners. But they can be enhanced by adding a free promotional product that also has your contact information. Rather than leave a potential client with a card alone, you should add another tangible product like Artik custom pens. You may also give out a USB drive along with your business card if you own a computer business.

3. Keep Your Business Perpetually In front of Your Consumers

When marketing your business, repeat exposure is essential. Without spending a lot of money, you need to be able to project the image of your business to prospects and repeat customers every day. So you should invest in corporate gifts that consumers will love to use or keep around them like promotional mousepads. This is a good gift to give to customers who use desktops and laptops daily with a mouse. If you run a bar or restaurant business, you may like to hand out free bottle openers with your brand printed on them.

4. Build Customer Loyalty

Customers who collect your promotional items will be ready to do business with you again. It also helps you to build a partnership between you and those who do business with you regularly. The corporate gift tells the receipient that you value their business and you will like them to continue to patronise you. As you create this kind of feeling in your clients, you will encourage them to remain loyal to your business.

5. Generate Leads and Referrals

Distributing items with your company’s logo will increase interest in your company. You may even use these gifts as a bait to get the email addresses of prospects and encourage them to subscribe for a free trial of your product or service. Customers are always eager to try the services of companies that reach out to them with free gifts. In addition, they will be willing to help you with referrals when you offer them a promotional item. So you could encourage continuous or viral lead generation with a free gift.

6. Increase Sales

Studies have shown that customers who receive corporate gifts are more willing to spend their money on the company that offered them a gift. Sales will also increase as you generate more leads and increase brand awareness and goodwill. Consumers will feel that they are getting more value for the money they spend.

Promotional items can serve as a powerful marketing tool for any small business that wants to attract and keep customers. So think of a gift that can carry your brand and be useful to your consumers. It will help to increase sales faster than many other mass marketing methods.


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