It is no secret that nearly everyone has an online presence. Even if it’s just an email, there is usually some way to contact someone online. The same is true for business, with nearly every company owning a website, Twitter account, Facebook profile, or Instagram account. If you have just started a business, or if you are thinking of delving into the online world for the first time, then these tips can help you.

Website Design

One of the first things people see is a company’s website. Therefore, you want to impress your potential customers with a nicely designed website that isn’t over the top. The important thing to remember is that your site needs to tell people what you do. Consider having an ‘about me’ page to add a personal touch and a Call to Action button. If you make your site too vague or difficult to navigate, customers will leave.

With sales now happening globally, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Your website is an essential business tool and needs to be harnessed, otherwise, your company could fall into oblivion.

Getting Noticed

A big part of online success is getting noticed. You want people to see your website and interact with you online. One way you can help raise the profile of your site is with link building.

Essentially, you want your site to be rated highly in search engines and earn those views which turn into sales. However, it can be a difficult thing to get right if you don’t understand the basics, so using companies such as Click Intelligence who are professionals in SEO and Content Marketing can surely help.

Social Media

Social media is big business, with nearly every company and brand using it to not only promote their goods and services, but also for giveaways and competitions which create a stir.

Of course, you don’t really need to be on all of them, but if you at least have a profile on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you will be attracting followers and then hopefully leads.

Try to post as often as possible, and if you can, reply to comments and questions quickly as well. This shows that you are listening to your customers and value their opinion. Followers are loyal to a brand they think will respond to them. You should also try to post on other profiles that you are interested in and interact with similar brand types. This will help your profile to gain more views and more followers.

Visual Media

One of the best ways to attract more views is by using photos or videos to accompany your posts. Research has shown that many more people will read and even share your content if it has a visual aspect to it; with video media being the most successful on the likes of Facebook. Starting a YouTube channel can be a good way to gain more followers, and an innovative way to showcase your products.

Building links and attracting visitors to your site will not only boost your online visibility, but it can also help produce higher sales. Therefore, investing in an online presence and hiring helpful online marketing professionals can only help your business’ success.


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