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Making Your Business Smarter with Technology

BusinessMaking Your Business Smarter with Technology

When it comes to running a business, we all want to make sure we’re doing it in a way that streamlines our processes, frees up our time and increases revenue. But, is that something we always achieve? Most of us would admit not.

However, new technology can certainly help us to run our businesses in a way that’s smart –whether it’s adding plugins to your website that allow customers to make easy payments, installing calendar software that syncs our meetings with our colleagues’ schedules or speeding up internal processes with sophisticated HR software, technology certainly improves the way we operate. Here are three examples of the ways technology could help to make your business smarter this year.

Analytics software to drive key decisions

In-depth and accurate data can inform best practices, highlight areas for change and drive through much-needed improvements for a business. And, it’s today’s modern technology that conducts the analysis needed to identify and process that data. Analytics software can provide you with information that allows you to better understand your customers, strategically highlight opportunities for growth, and practice ‘bigger picture thinking’, using data to inform or understand your business decisions.

Built-in alarm systems for checks

OK, so a ‘built-in alarm system’ might be a slight stretch, but the smart technology that checks are equipped with nowadays makes the possibility of fraud a far less likely occurrence than it has been in the past. A tamper-resistant security coating will alert you if anyone attempts to lift off print, or try to modify it in any other way, which means your business is so much safer. But, it’s also a lot smarter too – these wallet checks are automatically recorded if you print them directly from Quickbooks, which means you won’t need to waste time updating your records manually or risk an administrative error.

Automated marketing software

Not all aspects of marketing are going to be best-delivered via automated technology, but there’s no denying that recent advances in the field could really help your business to market itself in a much smarter way than you could do manually. For instance, marketing automation platforms are now using predictive and artificial intelligence technologies to anticipate what buyers’ behavior is going to be. This technology then advises (or formulates) an approach for your business to follow, such as sending out highly-targeted emails and other methods of engagement, placing content, materials and products in the path of the people who are most likely to buy them.

So, are you considering in investing in any of these forms of technology? You may well face barriers to change such as financial hurdles, or resistance to a shake up in internal processes; but technology is always changing. What’s expensive right now will be considerably cheaper in the not too distant future and it won’t be long before the next groundbreaking technological advancement revolutionizes what businesses in your industry are doing, so keep an eye out for other technological trends could help to make your business smarter in the future and stay ahead of the game.


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