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Three Great Ways to Make Money Online


I had heard people talking for years about this ‘making money on the internet’ phenomenon, indeed it would eventually change from a phenomenon to a way of life for many, and I just wanted to get a slice of the action. It seemed to me like the perfect way to make money, no commuting, be your own boss, work from home or anywhere else in the World with a wifi connection and ultimately having that freedom to make money however you wanted.

I had no technical knowledge about computing at all and I genuinely thought that this was holding me back. I reached out to a buddy of mine, Michael Eckhardt Tucson, who I knew had already started making money online and he quickly schooled me on the many ways in which I could do it. Here is what he told me and here is how I’ve made money online in the last few years, so much so that last year I was able to quit my day job.

Online Surveys

I started my online-money-making journey by signing up to a few of these sites which ask you to fill out online surveys for money. You won’t get paid a fortune but if you rack up enough surveys over the course of a month then you can make at least a couple of hundred dollars. The beauty about this kind of earning is that it helps you realize that you can indeed make money online and you can do so whenever you have some time.


I would recommend that everyone start a blog, write about something that you care about, write quality content and do so regularly. A blog will not make great money to start with but over time you will be able to sell ad space and make money through affiliate sales. What a blog also gives you is an online profile so that once you do start looking to make money online, people can see who you are and what you are all about.


The world of work has changed dramatically and there is much more freelance positions now than there ever has been before. You can make the most of this by signing up to websites like Upwork who will put you in touch with those looking for freelancers, and start making some real money online. There are all kinds of freelance gigs available depending on what skills you have, you could do design work, writing jobs or even secretarial stuff, check the site out and see what you can do. If there is something that you see that you would like to try but not sure if you have the skills then remember that with the internet, you have the greatest form of education right at your fingertips, learn a new skill and then go and make some money doing it.

These are just 3 ways of many which can help you to make a living online, work hard and who knows, maybe you too can give up your day job.


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