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How to find the right Personal Injury Lawyer for you

BusinessHow to find the right Personal Injury Lawyer for you

Nobody wants to become the victim of a personal injury. However, if you have become injured through someone else’s actions, you need to seek advice. If you intend to claim a financial award for your injury, then you need to find a lawyer that is qualified and can stand up for your interests.

Looking for a personal injury attorney to represent you can be a minefield, so you need to do a little homework first. These tips will help you to decide the best lawyer for you.

Detail your Injury

Before you begin your search for an attorney, it’s a good idea to write down the details of your injuries and how they were caused. You also need to note down any other problems you’ve had since the injury.

Have you had to give up work? Did you need to pay for any treatment or adaptations in your home? All of these are important to the case along with any documentation you have to support it.

As well as physical injuries, also mention any psychological problems you may have suffered from the incident. Write all this information down along with names, addresses and dates if possible.


A big part of your evidence will be detailed through multiple documents. Therefore, you need to pull together anything that may be relevant to the claim.

Collect the details of witnesses that were at the scene of the incident along with any Police or Fire Service reports. Medical certificates, doctor’s letters and hospital notes are useful to obtain.

If you have had any dealings with your doctors at work or any emails about your injury, these will be needed as well. Your lawyer will go through everything with you so try to get as much as you can, no matter how small.

Compile a list of Potential Lawyers

There are many types of injury lawyers out there, but you want to find one that can deal with your particular circumstances.

You need to list all of those who work in your state so you can find someone who is familiar with the laws where you live and the procedures you need to follow. Conduct a search of the internet, newspapers and local telephone directories to find suitable candidates.

In some cases, you may be approached by lawyers who have heard about your accident. It’s important to be careful and decide which ones you want as opposed to those who offer their help.

Picking the right Lawyer

Once you have your list, you can start to narrow it down. Call or visit them to see what they are like and if they are interested in your case.

Ask friends and family if they can recommend anyone on your list, as word of mouth is sometimes the best indicator of a good service. Keep going until you have one or two that you can interview further.

These are just a few of the things you can do to choose your personal injury lawyer. Hopefully, after this process, you will find someone you can trust.


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