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Accidents happen but what about the ones that could be avoided?


In the United States, just under 5,000 people die each year from a work-related injury. Whilst the good news is that this is down from 14,000 40 years ago, the bad news is that there have been increasing numbers of fatalities over the years 2013-2015. The government can only do so much to make people aware of work related risks and how to prevent accidents or even how to report concerns for safety. The responsibility that sits with both the employer and employees also needs to be handled better to reduce these rates and prevent avoidable deaths.

The OSHA was introduced in 1970, and has been able to reduce the number of workplace fatalities in the US significantly. However, 5000 deaths are 5000 too many, and more work must be done to drive these figures down. Employers, in particular, must become more accountable for the safety of their workers. Often safety concerns are not brought to light until after an incident occurs, and by then it is too late.

If you have concerns about the level of safety measures in your workplace, then take action before it is too late. If you have already been affected by an injury in the workplace, then you should seek legal advice such as a Fresno accident lawyer to discuss your options. Fatalities are obviously the worst-case scenario for any accident, but the figures for nonfatal injuries are also worryingly high and need to be rectified.

No worker should accept poor safety, and health conditions so don’t be scared to challenge the practices in your workplace. Your health is your biggest asset and is irreplaceable so make sure that you treat it that way and protect it with everything that you have got.

Most accidents can be avoided, and if you are responsible for employees, then you should be ensuring safety through a wide number of safety measures. From providing comprehensive training on safety and the operation of any equipment to providing desks and chairs that will not cause postural damage. If you are looking for any advice on how to improve the safety of a working environment, then head to the OSHA website for information and guidance.

Even if you don’t deem your working environment to pose many forms of danger, there are policies and procedures that you should be following to ensure your employees’ safety. While it might sound expensive to pay for training or to buy new protective gear for the workplace, it will work out a whole lot cheaper than a lawsuit should an employee suffer a serious injury or even death.

Of course, you will regret not taking the appropriate action afterwards as you have a conscience but don’t let it get to that stage, make those improvements right away. If you’ve been putting off getting something fixed and it could potentially cause harm, then you need to get it arranged now, not next week or next month when it is too late.


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