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How to Improve Your Electrician Business

BusinessHow to Improve Your Electrician Business

Are you in the business of providing electrical services and you are finding it difficult to be competitive? Are you encountering difficult challenges as you provide services as a self-employed individual? You will learn in this post some of the most effective ways you can improve your business as an electrician.

  1. Continue learning and building experience.

Since you are the electrician and you are offering your skills and knowhow, it only makes sense that you improve yourself by learning more and honing your skills through experiences. If your goal is to improve your business, it’s you that primarily needs to improve. You can’t be stuck with the old tricks you learned from several years ago. Get acquainted with new technologies. Be updated with emerging trends. Keep up with the details on renewable energy technology, green building requirements, building information modeling, and lean construction practices. Participate in seminars and conferences.

  1. Make the most of the internet.

As someone who provides services to residential or commercial customers on your own, promoting your services isn’t going to be easy. You can’t rely on traditional marketing methods as they are expensive and they tend to be ineffective if you do them without proper strategizing. It’s a good thing there’s the internet that provides a virtually level playing field. You can become more competitive in promoting your services through the internet. Do social media marketing. Participate in local online forums for electricians and promote your services. Find relevant “looking for” ads online, in classifieds sites and on social media, and respond to them with an offer.
Be sure to put up a solid online presence as this can serve as a more efficient and cheaper way to contact you. You can also put up a website or a Facebook page to have an easier way for customers to learn more about the services you are offering, the projects you have done so far, your clients, and your specializations. Additionally, you can use the internet to give out price quotes and accept payments

  1. Use software or apps for electricians.

You can make your job easier and be more organized as you deal with clients by using apps for electricians. The apps are designed to address complicated scheduling needs. There are also those designed to track job progress and time on-site, which is great for teams. If you decide to collaborate with others or if one day you decide to expand your business and hire other technicians, such a software would be a good investment. Most electrician software are designed to be scalable so it’s useful even if you are only using it for yourself or if you have already started an electrical services company and you are tracking other electricians being assigned to repair jobs in different locations.

  1. Collaborate with other electricians.

Not every other electrician in your city is a competitor. Sometimes, they can even help you in keeping up with the demand for electrician services. Consider the possibility of collaborating with other electricians. Consider sharing leads or sharing customers with other electricians especially when they or you couldn’t keep up with the job orders. It shouldn’t hurt sharing customers who urgently need an electrician. Even better, it would be great for electricians to form a company to create a business entity with a more established identity and credibility. There’s nothing wrong with being a solo electrician but there are bigger business prospects for bigger businesses. You alone cannot expect to be hired for a large project in a commercial building. Project managers would prefer working with a team who can assure accountability for the personnel who will be working on the project.

  1. Collaborate with other providers of services related to construction.

You may also work with other construction professionals or service providers, especially those involved in residential projects. These are the people who can lead you to potential repeat customers if you do a great job. These are the people who know people who have the budget for all aspects of the construction but may be willing to consider an electrician who can charge a slightly lower rate.

  1. Ensure a great customer experience.

Always make sure that you leave a good impression to your customers. There’s no better advertisement than word of mouth—positive word of mouth. This is difficult to fake and can only credibly come from real satisfied customers. Conversely, if you leave unsatisfied or irked customers, the bad publicity they can create is not going to be easy to rectify. Always be polite and tolerant of customers who ask too many questions. It also helps if you do follow ups and surveys. In case the job you did didn’t turn out as expected or in case the problem recurred a few days later, be sure to promptly address it or at least promise a schedule for you to get back to the job.

  1. Choose suppliers wisely.

Another highly important thing to put into account is the suppliers you use. You need to make sure that you are using high quality supplies with good prices. Never choose suppliers based on prices. Put emphasis on the balance of quality and cost efficiency. You can’t build a good reputation for your business and achieve improvement if you end up having to redo a job or getting complaints over parts you installed that broke down after only a few days or weeks.

  1. Don’t engage in price wars.

It’s a common mistake trying to win customers by lowering prices to ridiculous levels. This strategy is simply unsustainable. It may win you a few clients at first but you will eventually realize that it’s not making your business any better. Worse, it may get the mindset that clients shouldn’t expect much from your services since you are charging the lowest fees. Compete by improving your services, ensuring customer satisfaction, working with others, and by being smart in sourcing your supplies while optimizing revenue streams.

Improving an electrician business is not that different from improving any other kind of business. You need to make sure that you provide high quality services, collaborating with others (or working towards the establishment of your own electrical services company), taking advantage of technology (internet and apps), finding good suppliers, and finding good deals for the supplies you use. It’s about making sure that customers or clients are highly satisfied and not about attracting customers through unsustainable approaches like engaging in price competition.


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