Information technology is becoming an essential part of every business operation. As businesses begin to rely more on data and intelligence, the need for better support systems and IT solutions is growing. There are some very effective solutions on the market already, powering small businesses and large enterprises alike.

As we get closer to the second half of 2017, however, we’re seeing several interesting trends developing. The IT trends we are going to discuss in this article are the ones to follow going forward.

Enhanced Data Ecosystem

The era of big data and comprehensive data analysis is helping businesses understand the market, as well as different parts of their operations better. The next big thing is the use of Artificial Intelligence or AI as part of the data ecosystem. We already have systems such as IBM Watson integrating AI as a way to help businesses perform better data processing, and similar systems will become more popular in the future.

An enhanced data ecosystem doesn’t just allow analysis of bigger, more comprehensive data. It helps businesses be more specific with their data gathering and analysis. Specific goals, critical metrics, and even personalized insights can all be used to make adjustments to your operations. This advantage, in turn, will enable businesses to be even more competitive.

Better Automation

The use of AI is not limited to data analysis either. The same learning system can automatically find ways to improve different parts of business operations. For a manufacturing company, the AI can thoroughly analyze the manufacturing line and suggest new waste reduction strategies, increase the efficiency of the operation, and make other improvements as needed.

This futuristic approach is further supported by more capable IT specialists with extensive business knowledge. Aside from training and short courses, universities are adjusting their programs to better suit market needs.

Students who are pursuing their online bachelor of science in information systems from reputable universities are learning about the integration of AI and how to fully utilize the advanced learning system. Future online BSIS degree holders will be trained to utilize modern systems to their fullest potential.

100% Cloud

We are already at 80% in the cloud migration process. This means up to 80% of business information is already stored in the cloud, from which key team members can access the data they need and collaborate with fellow employees in real-time. Moving forward, it will not be surprising to see businesses using 100% cloud-based solutions.

There are several reasons why 100% cloud use is the goal. For starters, cloud infrastructures are more reliable than ever. The technologies behind file sharing and cloud storage have also evolved, allowing data to remain accessible even through limited internet connections. Multiple redundancies and enhanced security measures make migrating to the cloud even more valuable.

These are exciting trends to follow. The future systems will have the ability to help businesses of different scales – and in different industries – achieve so much more. Some companies are already starting their implementation projects right now.


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