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8 Step to Increase Your Business Visibility in Search Engines


95% of your potential customers are on the Internet, reading blogs, checking their mail, surfing on Facebook or searching on Google, and you should not miss the opportunity you have to make yourself known in one of these media and get new customers or users.

Internet is all about the hullabaloo from the businesses around the world and making your business shine in that deluge of competitors is a tough thing to achieve. Forget about being the number one in your target business, you can’t even tell whether you’ll be able to make a dent in the memory of people and they’d be able to remember your name after a few days of encountering you for the first time. This too, will only happen when you gain your customer base at first through local marketing or advertisement – if you are lucky, that is. This is where the mighty game of SEO barges in.

What Is SEO Exactly?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. What does it mean you ask. It means optimizing your business website and the content you create for the search engine. This is done in a manner so that the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo can easily find you through their logarithms when a user searches for anything related to you or your business.

Search engines basically use a combination of algorithms and bots to rank content of your business website on its search result. However, the paradox here is the very fact that no matter how much complicated the process of ranking pages and working of search engines sounds, search engines are simply brainless. They cannot emulate human intelligence & understanding and therefore, must be helped every time to understand what your website and business are all about. This is exactly the work of SEO in a nutshell.

It is as simple as this, if you want your business to mark its presence worldwide, you MUST turn towards good SEO practices for your business besides local and search engine based advertisements. Sure, advertisements too will give you an upper hand over your competitors in general, but without good SEO practices; your business will be as good as gone in a matter of small time.

Good SEO practices render high ROI and are helpful in wooing users from all around the world and today, there are different results for same user searching a particular keyword at different places thanks to local SEO. So before you jump off your seat and try scribbling an SEO strategy for your business, let us give you a dose of few basics of SEO so that you can hold your ground firmly throughout the planning process.

Understanding The Basics Of SEO

On page SEO

Before hasting towards the process of link building and getting your website “known” among the users, it is important to understand that SEO starts with optimizing your own website first. This includes on site optimization practices that need to be incorporated in the main pages to make your website SEO friendly. But make sure not to overdo things because Google penalizes overly- optimized websites.

  • Keep the number of keywords limited to 5 per page and then start the optimization process.
  • Keep the title Tag not more than 70 characters long and include it between the tag in the HTML code for your page.
  • Keep your meta description human friendly and easy to understand because these are the descriptions that show up in search results for your website.
  • Use active internal link building throughout your website.
  • Make sure there is only single set of <H1> </H1> on every page. h3 and h4 tags can be used multiple times.
  • Good keywords should be used for images used and for the alt tag. This enables the search engines to find good images pertaining to the search query. Make sure there is more text than images in your content.

Off page SEO

  • Link building is the most crucial step in off-site SEO. Links are like votes that ouch for you when search engine ranks your website.
  • Use anchor text to rank on specific keyword you are targeting.
  • Try to get as many organic links as you can, though it’s nearly impossible for websites to generate enough traffic solely by organic links.
  • To tackle this, you should submit guest blogs in your industry and they will create a backlink for your website.
  • It is a good option to create local search profiles and submitting your website to relevant industrial directories and RSS feeds.
  • Create content that is worth linking to and use images and infographics to boost your content.

SEO Strategy You Should Apply to Your Business

Now that you know the basics of SEO and its sheer importance for your business, you must definitely be pondering as to where to take the first step from. The steps describes below are broken down in a vigilant manner so as to make you understand the need for each step and will also be helpful if one or more of the conditions are already fulfilled by your business or are already covered by your planning team.

None of the steps here are a “one time investment” and you need to plan your project with the understanding that you need to frequent these steps over and over again. It is important to stay acquainted with the basic follow-up because a single error can negate the effect of your month’s long strategies. Follow this 8 step to increase your business visibility in search engines:

1. Keyword Research for your business

Before your do any other thing, including building your own website, you must scrupulously search for the keywords that stand relevant for your business. Many people tend to take the keyword focus too lightly because they think that keywords can be easily tested and experimented with in the paid marketing campaigns. But mind you, you cannot alter or play with the keywords too much in an organic search made by a huge chunk of users.

You need to find the keywords that fit relevantly into your business website and have comparatively low competition along with good traffic of target audience on them. There are many keyword research tools available including free and paid versions. When you have relevant keywords with you, the process of planning content and designing campaigns turns easy.

2. Competitive awareness

Before hasting on to the next big step of creating a website, you must ensure that you actually have sound information about your competition. This will be helpful in reflecting upon the ideas to work upon. You will know your strengths, your weaknesses and the areas you need to work upon. Not only this, but you can get an overview of the market and customer/user trend which can be helpful in brewing up a plan that is holistic and skillfully handles the competitive market.

3. Website development

This might be the most crucial and second most time consuming step of your business. You need to build a website that successfully lets the search engine algorithms & bots crawl through it and is human friendly at the same time. There are two aspects you need to focus on. One- making it SEO friendly and TWO- making is user friendly. Both of the steps are equally important for businesses to flourish online.

Of course there will be mistakes and tweaking mistakes is not something uncommon but make sure you don’t end up revising your entire website due to lack of a good basic knowledge of developing a website. In a nutshell- search engines should be able to easily find you, humans should be able to easily understand you and every single link to your website should act like a plausible doorway to your website. You must also remember that incorporating analytics in your website is also a must do thing. This shall be explained later.

4. Getting inbound links

Often when you do your research, you will come across websites that are related to you but are not in direct competition with you. These are the sites which you can use later on to get your first inbound links in near future. Make sure you do not get caught up in haughty claims which require a small 100$ deposit and then promise ranking your business on the first page. Rather, you may want to contact various people from your own friend list to link your website from theirs.

It is important that your website be found naturally because this is exactly how the search engines work. They follow links to discover new content. One of the most effective way to get inbound links and increase business visibility is through online press release.

5. Sitemaps

There are webmaster consoles available for large search engines to let you submit your sitemap to them. Other useful information like faults in your website and technical problems are also provided by the search engines, which is why you must consider signing up with them.

6. Web analytics

Without web analytics, it will be impossible for you track the effectiveness of any of your marketing campaigns. Web analytics also lets you peek into invaluable data pertaining to user stats, which can be used to modulate your campaigns from time to time.

7. Content Build-up

You have to make sure that your website never remains static. It has to be dynamic and contain awesome content to engage the user base landing on to your website. Besides providing regular content and blogs, you must provide valuable content for your customer base that is not directly vouching them for engaging with you or buying a service.

8. Link Building

Why would internet be a “net” if there were no links? It is stupid to have independent pages that are disconnected and renders all your efforts of expanding your business a negative impact. Links are added and removed constantly so it is advisable to be pro-active from your end in the process of link building, so that you never fall behind in this process of being an active part of the “net”.


Building your business to be recognized in search engines takes time. You won’t get results overnight, it may take months before any link building you made will take effect in search engines. SEO business guide and tips blog, Dezzain.com had compiled a vast list of articles that can teach you how to start optimizing your businesses on-page and off-page search engine optimization which is what every businesses’s owner should apply to their online business.


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