When it comes to software development, nothing is more crucial than software testing. Products that are developed and tested too quickly may have bugs. Additionally, since custom business software is developed for very specific needs, it’s important to ensure your software is meeting those needs.

But software testing can also be an expensive process, which often leads to in-house testing that may sacrifice quality and reliability. Outsourcing software testing is a cost-effective solution that can also improve the quality of your software. Here are some of the ways in which outsourcing software testing can save you time and money.

Staffing Costs & Benefits

By outsourcing to software testing companies, you can significantly reduce staffing costs—especially when outsourcing overseas. This also puts more money in your pocket for developing your software, allowing you to more finely tune each aspect for your specific needs.

Outsourcing software testing also comes with some smaller benefits. When your tester is in an office environment, he or she has to spend time commuting and may be more tempted to chat with people. Hiring an outside tester removes these office distractions. Additionally, since you can bring an outsourced tester on for a single project, you can avoid the long-term commitment of hiring a full-time tester.

Hiring an outside QA team also gives you a fresh set of eyes and processes. When the same QA team has been testing your finished software with the same processes for some time, they may end up missing something.

There are caveats to this, though. Outsourcing to a remote software testing company can end up costing more than you might initially think because you have to invest more time to get the tester set up and the testing underway.

Independent Quality Assurance

There are two methods for software quality assurance. The first method involves independent testing and development processes; the QA team tests software on their own and answers to the customer. The alternative is intertwining the development and QA processes, with the QA team managed by the same project manager who’s overseeing the software development.

Independent QA is the preferred method. When you hire an independent software testing team, you’ll generally find that the end product more closely mirrors your objectives and expectations coming into the project.

Better Software Quality

Customers often want to launch new features and applications as quickly as possible, but that’s not the best move when it comes to developing quality software. Rushing development and testing can lead to buggy software or an application that just flat out doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. And the truth is, people aren’t going to use or enjoy your software if it’s not high quality. By hiring a well-staffed, well-trained independent QA team, you’re implementing quality control processes that will reduce the risk of your software having defects, allowing you to consistently deliver a high-quality product to your customers without spending a fortune.

Choosing a Software Testing Company

Of course, you’re not going to get the best results unless you choose the right software testing company. So what can you look for in software testing companies to ensure you’re making the right choice?

First, you should look for a company that can get started on your project as soon as possible. This cuts the overall project time while also proving the company you’re working with has plenty of resources—a vital part of software testing.

If you’re considering hiring a software testing company, ask them about deadlines and how they ensure everything is completed on time. Late delivery of software can cause a hiccup in your release and ultimately cost you money and users.

Ask about their processes and experience; what do they do to ensure there are no bugs? Have they dealt with software akin to yours in the past? Do they properly analyze and understand your needs? These are all important questions when it comes to weeding out software testing companies.

QAwerk understands how important it is to release high-quality, bug-free software on time, which is why they’re dedicated to helping you achieve just that. With their deadline guarantee, fast ramp-up time, and their meticulous processes that ensure a bug-free end product, they satisfy all of the requirements of a good software testing company, and then some.


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