Why hire a company to manage Google Adwords if I can get ahead with the team I have? This is the question asked by many marketing managers of companies of all sizes on a daily basis.

SEM or Google Adwords campaigns can be managed by the company itself with a team dedicated to it, but we will have to analyze the cost in time and money depending on the results that are obtained. But here are the reasons why hiring a company that specializes in managing budgets of the main national and international advertisers will help you generate greater results and more sales.

Save of time and money

Delegating the activity of the SEM to a qualified external company, you will save time to optimize other activities of your business.

Sometimes the campaigns are based on advice given by friends or family, which have nothing to do with the sector, obviously ending in a bad campaign where money and time is wasted. In big companies it does not happen, but we all know what we mean.

Buy knowledge

One of the actions of the company will be to find out what works in your sector (benchmarking), so you can find the keywords that best convert, as well as the processes that show the best practices for obtaining results in your campaign.

One of the great advantages of hiring a consultant or agency to manage your Google Adwords or SEM campaigns is that they usually take years of experience and they know how all the niches work, and they will not make major mistakes because they have learned a lot in those years.

Contact with Google

Consultants who manage campaigns in Google Adwords have direct contact with the team of Google managers, which facilitate benchmarks of competition, report new betas and advise best practices for campaigns. They a contact with the Google managers to optimize in real time the campaigns of the national and international clients.

Finally, Google provides specific courses among its partners, which means continuous differentiating training that will directly impact the results of your campaign.


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